Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 10/28/09 & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

147.6 lbs. Down again from the gain last week, and weighing little less than the week before if we're splitting hairs here.

Weight loss lately is like a series of loops slowly moving one way. There's a gain, some overlap, a loss, a slight gain, and then another loss again. Oh, I'm not complaining. Rather, it's interesting how things have developed lately. I look thinner and more toned since August . I recently added a pair of sweet retro size 8 Calvin Klein jeans to the wardrobe and must say that I look pretty damn good in them. Physically, I feel more balanced, strong and just *in control* of the body. It's a pretty neat feeling that I look forward to getting used to as part of my normal life.

But enough of that....

This weekend is THE bestest holiday of the year. It is also the first Halloween in 10+ years where I am not obese. But that does not mean I'm running to buy a "sexy" costume for this year. Um, no. Those skeezy, cheap costumes aren't nearly as good as quality lingerie and fetish wear that's out there in specialty shops and websites if the ladies (and gents) really wanted to get their freak on. And why be sexy just one night? It's like only giving to charity during Christmas.

Our Halloween tradition is to dress up as a couple from a B-movie. It's a fun challenge to hunt garage sales and thrift stores to find the right materials for a costume that no way in Hell would be mass marketed and sold at a Halloween USA.

Back in '07, Bob and I dressed up as Dr. Phibes and Vulnavia from The Abominable Dr. Phibes:

Last year, we went as doomed zombie motorcycle lovers from Psychomania:

And this year, we decided to push the definition of B-movie couple and will transform ourselves into Alan and Orville from one of my *favorite* zombie movies, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. I'm going to go drag as Alan, and Bob is my zombie bitch Orville. Here are some screen shots from my cherished DVD copy:

Not surprisingly, I couldn't find those tasty pants anywhere. Instead, I've spent the last two nights painting these stripes on a pair of white pants. The moustache wouldn't have been hard to pull off if I had just decided on this costume a month ago. No wax, no problem. Bob got his suit and makeup and all he needs is the bridal veil. We'll be coming out at the WCSB Halloween masquerade this Saturday. I. Cannot. Wait.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So, About Last Weekend

Finally finished a long stretch of work at the office with the filing of a brief a couple hours ago. *whew*

So, about last weekend....

A friend gave us passes for loge seating at the Metallica concert last Thursday. We entered the loge to find it stocked with piping hot burgers, pizza, brats, wings and other very bad things. And booze. And it was free. You know, there used to be a time during my punk-ass youth when I would scowl in disgust that the upper crusts who would lounge comfortably at rock concerts, thinking they were corporate scum and weren't keeping it real. Well, it's true. It's not like Metallica is keeping it real either. So, no guilt about that.

But guilt over bad eating and drinking helped reign me in during what would have otherwise been lustful orgy. I did manage to find one semi-healthy food item: A giant, phallic, genetically engineered roasted jalapeno. I took half of it and Sugar took the other half and stuck it in a hot dog bun. Thems was good eats!

Our weekend in Maryland was swell, even though the weather was cold, rainy and generally craptastic. We all competed in a pumpkin baking contest at the Renfrew Pumpkin Fest, preparing the entries the night before.

The pumpkin I grew in the garden was a bust. It was hard as a stone, had unnaturally pale flesh and was generally creepy-looking:


And Bridget made pumpkin rolls with a secret ingredient*:

I whipped together some gluten-free pumpkin squares made with garbanzo bean, sorghum and rice flour. However, with the cream cheese frosting, they were most definitely not "healthy.":

Competition at the contest was fierce. One lady even crafted caramel leaves on her pumpkin puffs.:

We were anxiously awaiting the judges. When Bob gets nervous, he hitches his drawers. I fart in reverse:

One of the judges loved Bob's enchiladas so much that he actually got up and helped himself to seconds. Sadly, the other two judges disapproved. The Pennsylvania Dutch were not ready for Bob's pumpkin enchiladas. Too provocative. I even heard one of the blue hair competitors nasally inquire, "Wheeeeeere's the pumpkin? I don't see any pumpkin in that."

Bridget did take first place! And I got third.

Despite all of the temptation, I did not indulge in the baked goods for sale. I did have a nice bowl of hot black bean soup and some cider, though. I did not, however, workout for over 4 days. Kinda hard to do and it was too cold for much activity. Per usual, I did drink in some calories. Of course.

Goji had a great time as well, enjoying her extended play date with the other dogs. But at the end of the day, she was still a mama's girl. I think she's taking on a few uncanny human characteristics. Scary:

*Ground cardamom seeds

(Belated) Wednesday Weigh-In 10/21/09 & Pumpkin Love

So how did my four day weekend (which included a fully catered and open-bar loge at the Metallica concert) go? Let the scale speak to that: 148.4 lbs.

Part of our weekend was spent competing in a pumpkin cooking contest. The results of that contest...and for Bobzilla's awesome *pumpkin enchiladas*, click here.

Wanted to post yesterday, but have been busy with two trials. Those are done and now it's catch up with all the dead trees and emails that have accumulated in my absence.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 10/14/09

Today I'm at 147.8 lbs. Down over a pound from last week and moving in the right direction. Ok.

Can't write much. Swamped at the office and then we're off for a little trip to hang with a friend near Bal'more.

Honeycrisp apples are on sale at Giant Eagle for 99 cents/lb. Yowza! That's about $2 off per pound, and these sweet things are the size of baby heads.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 10/7/09 and Poopsicles.

149.00. Inneresting.

Maybe next week, I'll sprout an appendage.

On the Jillian front, I can do 2 sets of walking planks without my lips turning blue. And I've introduced deltoid weight lifting to my regimen last week. I love telling the hubs about my "delts" because he snickers and seems somewhat embarassed. We didn't even know women had delts, believing it was a penis thing.

On the clothing front, I went shopping. I could button up a pair of 8's, but there was some sad shroomage showing. Got a little more to go. But, I did manage to score $5 sweats at Tarjay. Suh-weet!

On the food front, this new peanut ginger sauce in my veggie rice bowls produced a thick toxic fume at the office that will take weeks to vaporize. I'm nobody's friend there for the moment.