Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh My God

I bought a swimsuit today. Yup. A 2-piecer. No, not a bikini. I'm not that deluded. But a nice halter top/sweet wraparound skirt thingy.

And I got waterproof mascara--something I haven't done in over 15 years because swimming didn't used to be an option before.

And bikini wax. Which unnerves me because there will be glorious pain. But with all the hair I gotta remove, it'll give me an edge at tomorrow's weigh-in.

Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier that I'm a solid size 10-er now. Yup. And today's clothes orgy at the store confirmed it.

And I failed to post Nashville vacation pics. Well, here's a pic of me in front of the historic Ryman Theater, channeling the spirit of Patsy Cline, who used to smoke on these very steps before her shows:

Finally, meet Peter, this headless fellow I found in my bag 'o carrots. He's a bit of a swisher:

Sorry for my unforgivable absence lately. While I got my interwebs back on at home, I've barely had leisure time between office stuff and settling in at the new place and planning for the next vacation trip.

This weekend, we're off on another multi-state rampage. This time, I'm packing the following in the cooler: baked brown rice, homemade lentil salad (mujadara), veggies, homemade lemon & olive oil dressing, jalapeno baked beans, hummus, carrots and almonds. So, I can pretend to be healthy while sipping from my flask at the festivities. There's going to be a major scale fail when I return, for sure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 6/24/2009 & Grumbles

I'm back. I hope. Our home internet was turned back on last night, on a more permanent basis (so we were promised).

We got back a week ago after spending 7 days that seemed more like a multi-state rampage than a vacation. Cleveland to Knoxville, Knoxville to Nashville, Nashville to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Akron, Akron back to Cleveland. Yeah, it was fun. Yeah, I was hedonistic. But it was also tiring and ill-timed, as we came back to a lot of unfinished business--namely unpacking, resolving phone & internet issues and replacing & retraining ANOTHER secretary after some *ahem* unfortunate incidents at the office while I was away.

I could go on, but really it's time to move forward. I might post some pictures later today, if anything just to remind myself that I really did have a good time amid all of the hair-straightening dramz.

For all of my sinning, I was punished by a 1.5 gain on the scale when I came back. I worked out at the hotel gym, but that was only for two days. We seemed to have walked everywhere, but let's not kid ourselves. Casual walking doesn't really burn off many calories. One tall boy of PBR would negate about two hours of walking, so there you go. And I don't think I walked as much as it seemed. Really, I spent most of my time with my ass planted in the passenger seat getting a tan on my right arm.

Today the scale said 154.4, which is slightly less than what I weighed before I went on vacation.

And in less than two weeks, we're going to be back on the road again, this time to Winston-Salem for the annual Heavy Rebel Weekender. I'm dooooomed!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Every Dream Home a Heartache...

Ahhh...moving and setting up a new love nest sounds romantic, but in reality it blows chunks. All day Sunday was spent moving our crap from a 4th floor walk-up and then cleaning out the old place. Even after hiring 4 movers, it still took over 6 hours. At a buck fifty an hour, it ain't cheap. But, they hauled ass, those sweet young thangs.

Still not unpacked. Still don't have the furniture. The living room furniture wouldn't fit through any door in the house. Why does everything have to be supersized? Anyway, we had to send it back and because I didn't have enough pins for my voodoo dolls in the likeness of the furniture sales weasel and delivery jerks, we had to start over again and buy furniture from a different store. Then the alternator gave out on the car and I had to shell out $600 to get it fixed. And Handy Dude was in and out trying to fix our wiring and ground the outlets. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep the office together because my poor new secretary has been sick. And that's just in one day...yesterday. I was volcanic, so no blog about my weigh-in. Eff that.

Today is a little better. Getting sleep helped.

Scale said 154.6 after threatening a couple times to land on 154.8, down one pound from last week. This after a pint of Strongbow cider and some vino verde last night. Proof positive that stress is a major fat burner.

I could go on, but I'm fatigued from wallowing in yesterday's misery. Time to move on and deal with the newest issues of the day, like: Start drawing up the itinerary and booking hotels for a Tennesee vacation that we're supposed to start on, oh, next Monday.