Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh My God

I bought a swimsuit today. Yup. A 2-piecer. No, not a bikini. I'm not that deluded. But a nice halter top/sweet wraparound skirt thingy.

And I got waterproof mascara--something I haven't done in over 15 years because swimming didn't used to be an option before.

And bikini wax. Which unnerves me because there will be glorious pain. But with all the hair I gotta remove, it'll give me an edge at tomorrow's weigh-in.

Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier that I'm a solid size 10-er now. Yup. And today's clothes orgy at the store confirmed it.

And I failed to post Nashville vacation pics. Well, here's a pic of me in front of the historic Ryman Theater, channeling the spirit of Patsy Cline, who used to smoke on these very steps before her shows:

Finally, meet Peter, this headless fellow I found in my bag 'o carrots. He's a bit of a swisher:

Sorry for my unforgivable absence lately. While I got my interwebs back on at home, I've barely had leisure time between office stuff and settling in at the new place and planning for the next vacation trip.

This weekend, we're off on another multi-state rampage. This time, I'm packing the following in the cooler: baked brown rice, homemade lentil salad (mujadara), veggies, homemade lemon & olive oil dressing, jalapeno baked beans, hummus, carrots and almonds. So, I can pretend to be healthy while sipping from my flask at the festivities. There's going to be a major scale fail when I return, for sure.


  1. Never done the bikini wax thing. It hasn't been something I've needed for years. I'm kind of scared to try it.

    Love Patsy Cline by the way. She's my camping music chick.

  2. One night if I get drunk enough, I'll tell my bikini wax story...

  3. Yes Ma'am with the bathing suit!!! Freaking awesome - I can't even imagine!!!

    BTW, your bikini wax comment made me choke on my water!

  4. Ooh, last night I totally thought of you when I was watching this show on A&E called Cake Boss cause he had to make a zombie cake for a Zombie Walk thing they did in some town and I was all like OMG MAYBE I WILL SEE MY PAL ON THIS SHOW. But I don't think I did. Oh well, it was exciting nonetheless.

    Love Patsy Cline. I had them play Walking After Midnight at my neice's funeral because that was OUR SONG growing up. So many memoriessssss. Kickass pose, btw.

    I can't wait for you to get firmly planted in the new home after all these dang trips. I miss ya!

    Good luck with the de-sasquatching. You should just Nair it!

  5. Self-waxing proves to you just how tuff you are. GOOD LUCK! And congrats on your rad 2 piece. And have a fun trip...are you going to Heavy Rebel??? This is the 1st year I'll miss...FROWN!

  6. I love your cute skirt and shoes! Every year, we have a few tomatoes to go with your carrot...veggies do strange things...maybe not as strange as you taking a picture of it and posting it!! :-)

    And you just reminded me of the best reason I know not to ever wear another bathing suit...shorts for me. Never doing that wax thing...never.

  7. Look at those arms. I hate bathing suit shopping. Good for you. Glad your back...missed ya.

  8. Lord in Heaven! A bathing suit! That's awesome. Right now, the concept sends a shiver down my spine, but I'll get there too.

    I never thought about hair removal helping with a weigh in, but I guess I have to try it now!

  9. Glorious pain and a solid size 10 - it doesn't get much better than that.

  10. love the Patsy channel... great job on the clothes nzvs

  11. Are you, by any chance, thaking the weird carrot as some sort of sign?

    Slapping you a high five on the size 10!