Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In 9/23/2009 and Zombieland

148.6. Yup. This month has been a prolonged maintenance dress rehearsal. Better results next week, I'm sure. I hope. But I'm relieved to see that prolonged fun with sensible eating and exercise hasn't cost me a gain. The future in maint'nance land is looking bright.

Per usual, tho, no regrets. This Saturday was the semi-annual Zombie Walk. And Lacey's wedding day. Luckily, her wedding was at noon and the reception at 6:30, so there was plenty of time in between to zombie worship.

Before I was zombiefied:

And after. I clean up pretty good:

The volunteer makeup artist, who also does makeup for Bloodview Haunted House (I'm lucky!), did the work. Here's a close-up of his craft:

Zombie Walk itself was a hoot, of course. The weather was perfect for the undead invasion:

And then we were off to the reception, no time to wash off the make-up. And why waste such great artwork? We had a blast at the post-nuptial party:

And then on Monday, my dog and I almost got killed by this tree branch that fell on the sidewalk in front of us. Residual zombie powers must've made us deathproof:

Lee has written about recent tree attacks on her, those close to her and others. This shit's too uncanny to be just a coincidence. The tree conspiracy is real.

Finally, we saw an advance screening of Zombieland last night. Eff'n hell-arious. Except the one actor who plays the geeky guy was channeling way to much Michael Cera in his performance. Still, it's a must see. But a warning...there are fast-moving zombies. Ick.


  1. You are the epitome of coolness, Ms. Cam! Love that you went to the reception with your zombie makeup still on!!!

  2. Aw, I love when you get all zombified! Quick question: What did they use to do the base color on your arms? Was it like a spray thing or just makeup and a sponge or just magic? We gotta be zombies for some group costume thing at work this year and I don't wanna do the lame pencil-in-the-forehead trick again like last year.

    P.S. I wanna see that movie BAD. But fast walking zombies? Someone didn't do their research...

  3. look awesome...buit especially hot as a zombie.

    Second...I don't know if I just "rediscovered" it or never knew that youhave dropped more than 100 pounds...that is amazing.

    Fast walking zombies suck, but I will watch them anyways.

  4. First, you look terrific! OK, now the tree attack. WTF?!!!! Yikes. Glad you & goji had zombie protection.

  5. I love that first pic of you . You look so good!
    Of course you make one hell of a zombie too!

  6. You look super awesome. As a normal, and as a zombie both. And that dog is totally part pug (yes I am still on that)

  7. Thanks, ya'll.

    Trish--he used an airbrush. Crazy. And it felt weird when he was applying it to my face. I couldn't breathe. Maybe I DID die...

    Dina--definitely part pug. *snorts* I just don't know what other part she is. Sheba? Basenji? I just ain't paying a hundred bills for the DNA test.

  8. FD--Bill Hinzman, the original zombie, has proclaimed fast moving zombies legit. I'm torn. It's like Jesus saying it's ok to punch your neighbor just for fun. He says it's not a sin, but it still don't feel right.

  9. Thank the gods and goddesses for residual zombie powers! Poor Goji! Um, and you! :)

  10. Wow, perhaps your dog is part pug and part zombie, thus the homicidal-tree defying powers?

    LOVE the pics, both before and after zombitude.