Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In: 3/31/10 and Up Up and Down Down

I've been so caught up getting crap out of the way to enjoy this 3 day weekend,that I pushed off doing my Wednesday report. Realizing it's now Thursday night, I had to force myself away from playing God of War III to be "responsible." *rolls eyes*

I had been doing the Shred for so long that some parts of it are ingrained in my head, like a bad earworm. Yesterday, I weighed in at 150.00, which is about a half pound gain from the prior week. Immediately, I thought of that part on Level III of The Shred where you're doing the walking planks on the second go 'round while Jillian chants "...and UP UP and DOWN DOWN and UP UP and DOWN DOWN..." Yup, that's me. So what of this gain? It could be water weight. It could be muscle gain from increased strength training, it could be last weekend's Amish getaway where we spent the entire time in a hot tub eating cheese and drinking grossly sweet Amish wine , or a combination of everything. What it ain't is something I should concern myself with. But that's not to say that I don't anyway. Stupid scale head games.

Oh, about that strength training, I found some great new (or rather, new to me) videos on Spark People that have been added to my morning workouts:

1. Crunchless abs! I friggin love this workout, and so does my back.

2. Fun with resistance bands. Now, I don't follow this whole video. However, Coach Nicole does an informative demo of how to do rows and chest flies with bands, which I have worked into my regular strength training regimen.

Tomorrow, we're off for a picnic and romp in the park with the doggy. Then a drive-in movie later on. Yup, it's drive-in season! We're going to milk this good weather as much as we can, since it'll probably snow again next week.


  1. You guys lead such a romantic life with your Amish getaways and your romps in the park. I'm lucky if I can get my boyfriend to wash his own unders after he "accidentally" craps his pants again.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I really like that ab workout...I hurt my tailbone about two months ago and many times doing a full sit up still hurts it. Those seem like they would be much easier on that part of the body, while still getting in a good workout.

    Have a good weekend - hope your weather stays Spring-like!

  3. Love the video tips! Thanks!

    Also, thanks so much for swinging by the Casa and leaving such a funny comment. "stone cold fox" indeed! LOL. I'm still laughing.

    No fifty-one year old gray headed lady is a SCF, but I LOVE the compliment. You made my day!!