Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Biggest Fear Came True Again!

Well, it finally happened. My resistance band snapped while I was doing strength training. This pretty much sucks, because I've gotten used to the convenience and freedom of the bands.

It also sucks cuz it hurt! The band whipped across my arm while I was doing military presses:

This is the second time I had a resistance band mishap, the first time being slapped in the face when it came undone from my feet. While I'm lucky I didn't lose an eye, I'm not sure there should be a third accident, so I may have to retire the bands.

Fitness can be a dangerous activity. Stay safe out there, kids!


  1. I have yet to snap a band, but have winced when I let it skip and it snapped back towards me. Not a great feeling getting band slapped. Maybe I should wear a helmet.

  2. It shows that you're using yours. Mine are coiled up in the drawer. No danger there.

  3. Oh no! I've wondered if that was a real danger. I don't often use my bands, but I will be sure to don safety glasses next time I do! Thanks for the warning!

  4. This has happened to me twice, and I agree with you- it's pretty uncomfortable. However, I am a slow learner, and still do not "inspect my bands for wear before each use to protect from injury," because, gee, that wastes time, and really, what is the liklihood...

  5. Ouchies...maybe you should just automatically replace them every six months or so? Of course, if you weren't so freakishly super-strong you wouldn't be breaking them...right? ;)