Thursday, October 22, 2009

(Belated) Wednesday Weigh-In 10/21/09 & Pumpkin Love

So how did my four day weekend (which included a fully catered and open-bar loge at the Metallica concert) go? Let the scale speak to that: 148.4 lbs.

Part of our weekend was spent competing in a pumpkin cooking contest. The results of that contest...and for Bobzilla's awesome *pumpkin enchiladas*, click here.

Wanted to post yesterday, but have been busy with two trials. Those are done and now it's catch up with all the dead trees and emails that have accumulated in my absence.


  1. While any gain is a small set-back, yours was not bad at all considering you were out enjoying yourself. I have to do that sometimes to keep motivated.

    Enjoy the fall while you still can. The trees are at their prettiest now I think.