Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 10/7/09 and Poopsicles.

149.00. Inneresting.

Maybe next week, I'll sprout an appendage.

On the Jillian front, I can do 2 sets of walking planks without my lips turning blue. And I've introduced deltoid weight lifting to my regimen last week. I love telling the hubs about my "delts" because he snickers and seems somewhat embarassed. We didn't even know women had delts, believing it was a penis thing.

On the clothing front, I went shopping. I could button up a pair of 8's, but there was some sad shroomage showing. Got a little more to go. But, I did manage to score $5 sweats at Tarjay. Suh-weet!

On the food front, this new peanut ginger sauce in my veggie rice bowls produced a thick toxic fume at the office that will take weeks to vaporize. I'm nobody's friend there for the moment.


  1. A walking plank?!? Holy moly, now I have heard of everything...just hope my trainers haven't!

    Knuckle me on the weigh-in, sister-in-frustration.

  2. You had to walk the plank? (Okay, I'll admit that I skimmed)

  3. Walking planks? I, of course, had to look them up and try them before I responded. All's I can say is you're my personal exercise hero. I violated all the rules and still only managed a few. Whew!

    One of the many, many things I don't miss about the office is folks who heated up Godknowswhat in the microwave and we had memories of it for days.

  4. Walking planks or walk the plank? Arggg, matey - you're doing fine.

  5. Planks? They make me feel board.

    Okay, okay, I'll take my puns with me as I go... quickly...

  6. so many fronts!

    Great job on the workouts! I love that no one ever knows what a delt is- it cracks me up