Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 11/11/09 & Looking Back

Since I've been feeling perfectly healthy for several days, the "official" weigh-ins are back on. Scale tells me I'm at 145.6 lbs. That's a two-pounder loss since the last WI two weeks ago. While I am pleased, the scale numbers matter less and less. My body seems to have changed rapidly over the last 2 months or so. The tummy is most definitely flatter. Muscle tone is becoming visible everywhere...back, shoulders, thighs, abs. So weird. I've never looked like this before. It's like everything is settling in. One day in the near future I might be drunk brave enough to take and post pics. Right.

But even more than that, I feel good. Consistently. No, not the high and low extreme feelings from earlier in this process, but, well solid. I am more active even in passive activities, and it's effortless. For example, I take my dog on 20 minute walks twice a day. Years ago, I would have considered just one 20 minute or half-hour walk to count as exercise towards weight loss (Not surprisingly, the weight did not come off as expected, except for the typical 10-15 lbs of water weight that initially slides off whenever I began a diet/fitness plan). Now, it's just routine, a part of life in addition to my normal 60-90 minute workouts. I can shop forever. I usually don't buy anything, but I like to walk around and just look. And it doesn't wear me out. Even when I was sick, it only lasted about 3 days and I was still doing things. A far cry from what things were like 1 or 2 years ago.

In fact, there is an embedded normalcy to this. Often, I find little to talk about anymore on the weight loss front. What was a milestone before is now just "meh." Healthy eating is so everyday--so innocuous--that trying to sing praises about my meals seems forced. Right now, I'm lunching on an artichoke and spinach salad in a lemon dressing with a slice of roast lean meat. I could tell you how awesome and healthful it is. But, whatever.

Wait. It has kalamata olives. Now I AM excited.


  1. You've come a long way and made so much progress and finally reaping the rewards. Oh how I long for the day.....

  2. You had me at kalamata olives...those babies are the yum!

    I know what you mean about everyday things not being so monumental - it's a benefit of losing weight and getting fit that I didn't anticipate, but it's great to enjoy life without so much of a struggle anymore.

    Just for shiggles you should put on the red striped shirt and take another picture - you have changed so much since March! Congrats on weighing in at 145 - that is awesome!

  3. congrats! its so nice to be in a calmer place- it really does make every day easier to not have one extra thing weighing (ha! pun!) on your mind

  4. Like the numbers, but like the improved mindset even better. You're a true inspiration!

  5. I wanna see some pics! Goooooo Steph!

  6. Awesome progress! It really is all about how we feel--inside, outside, and everything in between!

  7. Greetings from Casa Hice!

    Hi, I'm Alix. I just found your blog and am so happy to make your acquaintance! I am also on a diet (WW) and fitness journey and want to surround myself with like-minded people.

    Am looking forward to following your blog and adding you to my blogroll so I never miss a post update.

    Please stop by Casa Hice sometime and check out my story. Click on the "Adventures in Dieting" photo link in my sidebar to see my progress - the good, the bad, and the ugly - from beginning to end... except we all know - there really is no such thing as the end. Right?

  8. Also just rambled over here - from your post on not having a cell p till 5 years ago (I've had mine ~ 2 or 3) on 'crankyfitness' I also mistrust some of the technology we are putting so much trust in . . . & at the same time, just updated our website & put a link so folks can buy gift certificates on-line!

    I haven't poked about your blog much yet - enjoyed the Hallows photos!! & yes - post another one in the stripy blouse!! I loved your comment on the increase in energy & activity - I am happiest when I'm moving & feeling good about it, too!

    I've been enjoying coconut oil n milk for the last 6-8 months - SO many health & fitness bennies (have some recipes over at the 'vale') & recently one of the gals at my office brought in a fancy water filter /alkalinizer that has me drinking more water.

    Kudos on your progress, & thanks for sharing!

  9. Just found your blog... wow! You've totally come a long way both physically and mentally. Inspiring!