Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 12/23/09 & Happy Festivus!

143.2 lbs. Pretty much a maintain and nothing to show for it. I never did have that eggnog this past weekend because Bobzilla has been sick with a head and chest cold. It was a pretty vanilla weekend of homemade chicken soup and movies. Even the candy cane I was going to eat is still sitting unwrapped on the counter. And now I'm fighting off Bob's plague and don't have a taste for anything. It's like deja vu from last month with this sickness. Everyone I know around here is getting sick over and over again. Doesn't matter how healthy or "fit" you are. I swear, we are one rogue monkey away from THE superflu.

Tonight I'm making Italian amarettis, using an original recipe from the family's favorite local baker. We had to get really creative to get the recipe, so I cannot share. Ancient quido secret. But rest assured that these cookies are delicious.

My BFF gave me an early Christmas present: A fetish Zombie Destroyer outfit. I am in heaven. It even has extra pockets along the sides for weapons! And I look pretty bangin' in it. I thought about posting a picture of me wearing the kinky zombie gear in lieu of the standard bikini/bathing suit "after" photo. But really, it isn't appropriate. So, that's that.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Sin, but in moderation. Yeah, right.


  1. Invoking the holiday factor, a maintain is equal to a 1.4 loss any other time of year.

    I thought about you yesterday when I saw a book at Border's: Zombie Christmas Carols. :)

    Have a happy holiday, and speedy healing to Bobzilla!

  2. Hope you guys feel better over there soon! Bllecch to the egg nog, can I have some Baileys instead? :) hehe

  3. Zombie Destroyer? Will pictures be posted? :-)

    Happy Festivus. The best festivus for the rest of us. Tonight I shall air my grievances around the pipe. LOL

  4. Appropriate, schmappropriate. Let's see a pic.

  5. @Cammy: Aww, shucks. Thanks! Coinkidink...I was in Borders today, too, and saw what had to be at least a half dozen zombie-themed how-to books. Sadly, zombies may have jumped the shark.

    @TJ: Hey, Baileys will do, too. Coming right up!

    @Kelly and JS: Oh, and I attended a way cool Festivus party a couple years ago. Tres cool. Bob wrestled the host. He did not win. *snorts*

  6. Drag on the sickness...hope you can fight it off this time. Stop the madness!!!

    Nice, nice work on the maintenance! BTW, a candy cane has 55 calories, or so Brad said as he made us work that off 4 times over during cardio today.

    Merry Happy!

  7. I'll trade you the amarettis for my pasta and bean soup (pasta e fagoli) - signed, sealed and Sicilian. Think it over before that rogue monkey makes his way through the NYC subway system.

    Sorry to hear about all the sickness all over the place. Hope it all gets better soon. Very good going on the maintenance!!

  8. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  9. Well I've been out of the loop for a while...but girl you're looking awesome!! :)
    (Lovin' the red wig w/ horns!)