Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oxygen is the best thing ever.

What was seemingly a harmless cold turned out to be one of the nastiest respiratory viruses to plague the household. Almost a week to the day after Bob got sick, I got hit. It started off innocently enough, but by Christmas Day, I was curled up in the corner leaking essential fluids from my throbbing head while the rest of the family pretended death wasn't creeping their way across the room:

A few days after that, and things got worse as the bug hit my chest. Breathing became the most important activity. I had to bid adieu to Jillian and attempted "gentle" workouts on the bike, but when breathing was too difficult, workouts were shelved altogether. I expelled copious amounts of unspeakable things from my lungs as I sat around feeling sorry for myself, watching five seasons of The Office on streaming Netflix and playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook as the dog whimpered at my feet over the lack of attention. Did I feed her? I can't remember.

Sleep was difficult due to the coughing fits. Prescription cough medicine helped, but it turned me into a dopey night zombie and plugged me up.

There were no shameless bouts of bingeing and celebration. My biggest treats over the two-week holiday marathon were a half dozen or so amaretti cookies, a glass of eggnog, Lemonheads and two pots of home made chicken soup (per Alton Brown's recipe, highly recommended). And some cheese. New Year's was dry...the first dry New Year's since '88, I think.

Last week, I started getting better and returned to the tough-love arms of Jillian, but I had to start back at Level 1. That was rough and I went back to the bike.

This week, I'm feeling near-normal and the coughing has subsided. Breathing capacity is at about 90%. So, yay.

The scale stayed steady at 143 during Christmas and New Years, then up to 147 (!) late last week, then down to 144.6 today. I can't really put much stock in those numbers, though, given the circumstances. Even if I were at a loss, it's not like a real victory anyway. The "official" weigh-ins will resume next week, assuming I successfully dodge future plague bullets.

On the plus side, Bob got me some sweet resistance bands for Christmas, which I have been using and LOVING. There is an element of danger to using them. I can't help but think one of the plastic clasps will break, causing a band to whip across my face and take out an eye. And a tooth or two. So, it makes my workouts that much more badass. Rawrrrr!

I've been lurking and reading many blogs, but haven't the time or energy to catch up in one fell swoop. I am energized by so many bloggers' new-found commitment to a fit and healthy New Year, as well as others' continued success (and reasonable bitchiness!), and look forward to following their progress.

And the new season of Biggest Loser has started already. Dammit.


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear how sick you were- hope your back up and running in no time! Feel better!

    I luv bejeweled- I play it in my iPhone when I get bored of what is on TV during cuddle time. :) hehe

  2. Damn, girl. That sounds like quite a holiday ordeal. Hope you're all better now.

    And that's EXACTLY why I don't use bands. If I didn't snap it back into my own face, I'd be too tempted to snap somebody's rear end with it.

  3. Was wonderin where you'd went! Glad to hear you're back and nearly completely well!!!

    I've always feared bands for that reason as well. Because really that would be my luck.

  4. Oh good, you're here! I can cancel the APB.

    So sorry you've been so ill! Not a nice way to spend the holidays and welcome the new year. Here's hoping it's all behind you now!

  5. I wondered where you were...sick was not one of my options (joined a zombie gang was #1). Sorry you've had such a crummy time - I do hope you are well on the road to recovery! Take it easy and don't let Jillian work you too hard just yet.

  6. I have the bands as well and they frighten me too. I have the ones with handles, and some that are just strips of rubber that you can roll up and take anywhere. I use them when I go on trips... even in the car when it is not my shift behind the wheel.
    I had no holiday get-togethers this year but managed to go on binge of compulsive stress eating before our big move. I just tonight finally renounced all cake, pie, and cookies for the rest of the year, since apparently I cannot responsibly indulge. I got sick too, and started eating sweets as I convalesced... then stopped working out. It's a downward spiral once you fall off track. Anyway, glad you are feeling better and picking up momentum again. It reminds me that I need to follow suit... right now.

  7. I'm sick right now and fear that virus! I'm glad you're feeling better! I took advantage of Cuyahoga County's 3 free months at Curves or the YMCA. I start next week. Super pumped. Exercise is highly recommended for my chronic conditions and then next stop...healthier eating! You were all inspirational and junk.

  8. So glad you're back but sorry to hear about you being so sick! You were missed. I thought you were out doing something cool and zombie-like - not coughing up a lung. And really - are Jillian's arms exactly where you want to be JUST as you're starting to feel better? You're a braver soul than I. Feel better!!!

  9. Oh no! You poor thing. Sounds terrible. I'm glad you're on the mend now.

    I have the exact same fear with my bands. Also have a certain amount of fear/respect for my stability ball. It threatens to roll out from under me regularly. One day I know it's going to throw me on my ass. Then I'll be forced to kill it and bury it in the back yard.

  10. Yikes. That's sounds extremely lame. Glad you're back though.

  11. I've come to believe that Jillian Michaels is the devil. I've given her up for the treadmill, weights and my brand new Wii fit which will be delivered next week. I love reading your posts. Come check out my blog: