Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In: 1/27/10 & Shtuff

I was at 143.00 again yesterday. Fine by me. The scale today actually has me at a lot less, but whatever. I'm getting used to the fact that there isn't going to be much excitement with the scale anymore, unless I purposefully start gaining weight or come down with a terminal illness. Instead, the focus has been on toning and shit.

Didn't get a chance to post the weigh-in earlier because a.) I found out my sister is pregnant. And probably twins. Her first daughter just turned 18. So she has another 20 years of parenting, squared. Yowza! b.) I had to go along with Bob to watch a screening of the new flick When In Rome yesterday. It was horrible and put me in a downer mood the rest of the evening.

I blew my right knee. Again. I put Jillian back in her cage for now and have gone back to my usual 60 minutes of recumbent biking and 30 minutes or so of fun with resistance bands. I still do her knee-friendly-ish core circuits, tho. They rock.

So the H1N1 vaccine (or the "hynie shot" as Bobzilla calls it) is now available at our local pharmacy. We were going to get them yesterday but I wussed out. Even a one in a million chance of a horrible reaction is enough to set off my anxiety alarms. We'll try again today. If I don't post something within the next 7 days, that means I'm probably dead.


  1. New reader here! Gotta say that your blog is pretty dang sweet. I'm excited to keep reading!


  2. Congrats on being an Auntie again and TWINS!!

    Why was the movie bad? Just curious why you did not like it.

  3. Does your sister think she's having a nightmare? Because that would be mine...finally almost DONE with raising the little dears, only to have another one...and TWINS?!? YIKES!!! That said, I love babies and her life will be fun - crazy, but fun, no doubt.

    Very cool that your weight is stable - can we all sit at your (blown) knee and hear about maintenance? Tell us, Auntie Cam...what's it like?!?

    Speaking of blowing your knee (no I will not go THERE!), that's a bummer.

  4. I would've paid the price of admission to see you in that movie theater. It does not scream YOU in any way. I'm sorry for your suffering. And I'd like to punch that girl in the face.

  5. Sorry about the knee and the movie. And (potentially) the hynie.

  6. 1 in a million odds are better than the actual odds of getting the flu.

  7. Don't worry about the vaccine. The inhaled version is a live strain, so it may be slightly riskier, but the shot is as safe or safer than any other vaccine. I saw some stuff about Guillian-Barre caused from the vaccinations, but according the CDC, studies on the 1976 vaccine did not agree about whether the 1 in a million rise of GB above the background rate was caused by the vaccine. So technically, there is is even LESS than a one in a million probability, given this uncertainty. Plus, most people do not die from GB, although it would be absolutely horrific to experience. Oh, and the 2010 vaccination is not the same as the possibly risky 1976 vaccination, so it is even harder to link the risks between the two. Andrew is right... the odds of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine is much less than the risks of sickness and even death from getting the flu.


    xo xo,

    A fellow H1N1 wuss.

  9. I'm having issues with whether or not to do the shot too . . . stupid flu.