Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baking This Baby Takes FOREVER!

See this?

That's my second breakfast* I eat every morning. It's mixed fruit (cantaloupe, strawberry and red grapes), low fat yogurt and *gulp* wheat bran and wheat germ. Yeah, looks yummy, don't it? This concoction, while certainly not visually appealing, is pure baby fuel. And the added hippie dippy grains have saved my ass. Literally. These pregnancy hormones + the iron in the prenatal vitamins will plug me up for days if I don't increase my daily fiber at least triple fold.

Now that I'm 4 & 1/2 months preggers, I'm happy to report I have GAINED some poundage. I'm now 3-4 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Weee! And who'da thought I'd be happy about gaining weight? Being pregnant is perverse.

There was some minor baby drama when I got a call from my doctor's office Tuesday, telling me that they took the wrong blood test last week and needed another blood draw stat! Little background: Because of my "advanced maternal age," I'm doing the whole genetic sequential screening, which requires two rounds of blood tests. The blood must be drawn during certain stages of the pregnancy. In this case, the test that they should have done was supposed to occur before the end of my 17th week for optimal accuracy. We were now past that. FUCK! The call came while I was at a client's house. Great timing. I had to rush from the meeting to get to the hospital lab before it closed so that they could get the blood draw in time to ship off, testing done and results back in advance of the next ultrasound. Do I have to tell you that I was a raging, hormonal, blubbering, mess by the time they jabbed me with the needle? Somebody will pay for this emotional fire drill. Oh yes.

So, about that next's scheduled for next Tuesday, at which time we will find out whether the parasite is going to be a boy or girl. The Chinese gender test I took indicated it's a girl. We'll see.

Exercise is still the same. Well, except for the fact that another resistance band snapped on me, this time almost taking out the TV. I get it now. I don't need to be told a third time. I'm back to the free weights.

I have this insatiable craving for hummus, hot sauce and grass. Mixed together.

*First breakfast is a power smoothie comprised of carrot juice, orange juice, more low fat yogurt, low fat milk, and pineapple. Followed by a handful of almonds. Zing!


  1. grass!? LOL...and hummus--MMM!!! Cant wait to find out if the Chinese were right or wrong! Keep baking, you're doing great!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys to find out if you're growing a penis or a vagina. You better post something milliseconds after you know.

    I have no patience.

  3. It is a lot of fun to read your posts and tell how you are enjoying much of this experience.

    Interesting breakfasts...

  4. Grass? Hmm, hot sauce or not I pass. The Chinese gender test should be all you need, skip that other test; I hear the Chinese test is fool proof. But I forgoet where I heard that :-)

  5. Thanks for this post. I'm 12 weeks along and will be 37 next month so have been interested in your experiences. I can relate to so many things! Except the lack of weight gain, of course, that's NEVER been an issue for me, lol!

  6. Your breakfast(2) glop is hiding the 3-4 pound baby bump! (But it actually looks kind of yummy to me.)

    I don't think the Chinese gender test is that accurate. The pencil/string test is what you need! It's *never* wrong!

  7. You are one of the most beautiful pregos I know Cam. Also, a girl will grey you prematurely so have lots of clairol on hand...well a boy might too. Crap. Just get used to the mini heart attacks lol.

    As for the cravings, way better than mine were, I wanted funyuns, dr pepper, and cheese with pickle. Oh and turkey. And pretty much everything bad for you.

  8. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I - an avowed diet coke fan - suddenly craved real Coke. And I indulged...gee, have no idea how I gained 40 pounds for a 5 lb 13 oz baby, lol! Your cravings sound so much healthier...fresh grass smells good so it probably tastes all right...let us know, ok? ;)

  9. Call me crazy, but I think that breakfast looks tasty! Its fun reading how you`re progressing with everything. Exciting! PS - I`m not pregnant but I get the grass thing...I wonder what that means? ;)

  10. I've always been in fear of my resistance band snapping while in use. Eesh. Now I know someone who it happened to. Excuse me while I go cuddle my free weights.

    The brekkie looks yum.

  11. I am so stressed about getting pregnant because of the weight gain aspect... I'm so excited to read your blog and read about your journey through pregnancy!!!