Tuesday, November 2, 2010

28 Weeks Later

It's been, what, 6 weeks since my last blog post? Despite my plan to slow down in October, things have been everything but slow and casual.

Here's the breakdown:

  1. I lost my mom. It's ok, tho. We knew it was coming. She was elderly, suffered from dementia and had been sick for a while. I said goodbye to her two years ago.

  2. I lost a good friend suddenly. That was not so easy to take.

  3. Stupid gestational diabetes screening threatened to derail my natural childbirth plans. I blew a 180 on the first sugar test. 180!! So I had to carb load for 3 days, (150 grams a day!), fast for 12 hours and do the 3 hour blood sugar test. And, go figure, I passed the 3 hour test. I no has diabeetus! But that time period in between the first and second blood test put me in an emotional tizzy, as I was worried that I was diabetic and would be put on the C-section train.

    While I'm relieved things turned out ok, what a flawed testing system! It demonstrates how eating healthy will actually result in a false high blood sugar reading, causing unnecessary follow up work, unrealistic dietary changes and anxiety. After all, how else is the body supposed to react when it's forced to ingest 50 grams of glucose in one shot, when it is not used to even half of that amount of carbs/sugar in any 12 hour period? And how ironic that one way to pass the sugar test is to ingest an assload of carbs/sugar. Kind of calls into question the whole "low carb" way of eating.

  4. Bobzilla started his own film blog. This means that we've been going to movie screenings about twice a week, usually at 7:30 at night on a school night.

  5. Marathon shopping for maternity & baby room stuff. It took a week of driving all over Cleveland just to find the right dresser. We could probably stand to be less picky.

  6. Speaking of the baby room, we spent 3-4 days moving around furniture, baby proofing, packing and hauling stuff in the attic to make room for baby.

  7. Sis had her baby!

    Xavier arrived after only, like, 5 minutes of push time. I hope I have a super vag like her come delivery time.

  8. Bob and I went on our last "babymoon," staying an extended weekend with my BFF in the Pen Mar blue ridge mountains. Le sigh. We all entered the annual Pumpkin Cooking Contest, using recipes we were perfecting since late summer.

    Bob's pumpkin pizza took third place!

    My pumpkin & cream cheese baklava took second place!

    Bridgie's pumpkin & mango curry was delicious, but did not place. She got skunked.

  9. Two Halloween weddings in one day. Whew! One of them was a costume reception. Here we are, as Rosemary (and her baby) and the Devil (proud papa):

  10. Reconnecting with lots of good friends. Ben. Alan and Margie and their uber babies. Christie and Tony. And LOTS of visits with Vincent's grandparents, who are probably more excited than we are. However, Bob suspects they are just using us to have some one-on-one time with Goji, who is really their favorite grandchild.

  11. Zombie walk. Again.

    And it doesn't look like things are going to let up this month, either. Just this week alone, we are busy every day. We start our first weekly childbirth class tomorrow night. They're 3-hour sessions after work. Ugh. More movie screenings. Funeral on Friday, followed by a memorial on Saturday. I also have to find time to cook some GF desserts for the baby shower/Hell-has-frozen-over party, which--holy shit--is this coming Sunday!

    Sure glad we did absentee voting this election.

    And after that? Bi-weekly prenatal appointments, more baby classes (CPR, breastfeeding, daddy bootcamp, etc.), the holidays and BAM! Baby.


    I am now in my third trimester, at 28 weeks. I can't believe we're almost 7 months along now! So far, this has been a healthy pregnancy. Vincent's growth is right on target, and his heart rate is going strong. Blood pressure is excellent, as are the bodily fluid tests and misc. prenatal checkups. No edema/swelling or bloat. I've now gained around 18 pounds and am steadily gaining a pound a week.

    I still maintain 90 minutes of fitness every morning, one hour of cardio + 30 minutes of strength/core exercises. In fact, I think the regular exercising has really helped during this pregnancy. While I definitely poop out at times, my energy level has been pretty good. The special prenatal core exercises I follow on Babyfit will, hopefully, prime this body for some effective and efficient baby popping in a couple months.

    My mood is strong, and I actually *like* carrying this parasite around. The belly and its jerky, jumpy, squirmy contents are an endless source of fascination for me.

    Downsides? My hair is growing wacky and fast. I've given up on regular haircuts and have accepted bad hairdays as the norm. I pee a LOT. Especially at night, so straight 7-8 hour sleep is a distant memory. Heartburn is practically constant, with the baby pushing up against my stomach. Gum and Tums help some. I just can't eat a full meal except on a few occasions. Instead, I nosh here and there constantly.

    I'd like to say I will get on top of all my blog following, but I just don't know if that's being realistic. While I still read many fitness and health blogs (waves at Shelley, Cammy, Trish, TJ, Patrick, Ariel, Fat Daddy, Bobbie) I am spending most of what little free time is left hanging out at Babyfit and reading baby books (4 of them are currently stacked on the toilet tank).

    Current food craving(s): Peanut butter with anything.


  1. I was going to ask you if you had any cravings! I find that fascinating!

  2. Fantastic epic update on all things happening.
    First and foremost, very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom and your good friend. Grief is never an easy process to bear.

    You sound incredibly busy and in wonderful spirits with all of the happenings of your life. I'm glad to hear you are diabetes free and that you've managed to stay so active and energetic through your pregnancy. You look fantastic!

    I'm crossing my fingers that your wish for the super vag just like your sister comes true when it comes time to deliver your little one!

    PS - I have never heard of either a Halloween wedding or a Zombie walk. Maybe that's why I hate Halloween so much, no one I know does anything cool with it like that!

  3. So sorry for your losses. I'm sure, though, that there must be some measure of comfort in knowing your mother is at peace.

    You're looking awesome--so healthy and vibrant! Must be all that pumpkin. :)

    I can't believe you dumped us for the baby people. Sheesh....

  4. *Waving back* & giving you a hug! So sorry about the loss of your Mom & friend. :(

    You look BEAUTIFUL! Seriously that parasite growing thing works for you! lol Love all the pics- sis's baby is so adorable! May the super Vag run in the family! HAHA! :)

    So happy for you....thanks for the update! :)

  5. So sorry to hear the news about your mom and good friend...
    So happy to hear updates on the rest--all good stuff! Glad you dont have diabeetus, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have a supervag too!!!
    p.s. LOVE the zombie pic!!!

  6. Wow, what a post. Went from feeling down (with the loss of your mom and friend) to giddy about your current state and smiling like a maniac over the halloween food and costumes. Outstanding!

  7. I'm sorry for your losses!

    Great news on the baby front, and you look amazing! The last shot is awesome! Congrats on keeping up the exercise its not easy but I know you'll be so happy in the end!

  8. You're basically the first diet blogger I've ever seen whose arms got smaller when the rest of her did, and I really care about smaller arms. So I'm going to stare longingly and hopefully at your sidebar photo for the next hour. Not in a creepy way.

  9. Sorry for your losses Cam. I'm happy to hear things are going well with your little parasite though lol

  10. A lot of news from you! Congrats for your baby! A new life is coming.

  11. I am finally catching up with my blog reading - seriously, vacation really messes with that, lol!

    Your sister's baby is adorable! Congrats to her, and I lol'd at your "super vag" comment. I, um, hope you DO have one of those when the time comes. :)

    So sorry for your losses - it always feels like there are so many major life changes during a pregnancy. Circle of life and all that. Rough when it's a younger person, especially.

    I am so impressed by your fitness routine. Dang, childbirth and recovery would have been so much easier had I done half of what you are doing. Wonderful way to care for yourself!

    As usual, awesome Halloween costumes, and I love that Vincent got to go on his first Zombie Walk!

  12. First of all, terribly sorry about the losses you've experienced lately. Saying "sorry" in reality is so little.

    Congrats on your weight loss and becoming an inspiration. You look incredible!

  13. Wow you've been busy!

    I'm so sorry for your losses.
    Glad you don't have diabetes.
    Love the Halloween costumes.
    Holy cr@p I must find a zombie walk. That is too awesome for words.
    That is the cutest baby bump.

    Very happy for you lady. :)