Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Stretch: Bring on the Chocolate and Bacon

I have the best excuse in the world for not blogging for 8 weeks. Really, this pregnancy card gives me a free pass to do (or not do) anything, short of a 2nd degree felony. So why not play it, right?

This baby is going to make his entrance in less than a month. Less than a month. Am I ready? Probably not, but Bobzilla and I have sure worked hard to get ready. Multiple childbirth and childcare classes. Furniture set up. Clothes and bedding washed. Baby gear acquired and in place.

It helps that we have been the recipients of such overwhelming generosity by family, friends, clients, associates, even strangers. Otherwise, we'd be less than broke.

The baby shower

This remains a very healthy pregnancy. Perfect blood pressure and weigh gain. Baby Vincent is strong, healthy and active. He's developing at the rate he should be. I'm kind of annoyed that my "advanced maternal age" is the reason I have to be strapped to a monitor for an hour every week, but Vincent's strong and healthy heartbeat is the sweetest "fuck you" that this old lady can give to those over-zealous geezer haters at the midwifery department.

I'm eating healthy, well, ok, probably 70% of the time. But give me a friggin' break. I have to eat more carbs and, well, when baby wants chocolate and cheese, he gets chocolate and cheese.

Still staying active. Here's what an 8+ month pregnant woman of "advance maternal age" looks like doing cardio:

...OK, you know how I was talking about how generous everyone's been? Just now, a friend showed up at our front door bearing bags of baby clothes. Sweet! I swear, when you become a first time parent, it's like you're automatically initiated into this elite club that you never knew existed before spawning. I likey.

I'm now at 36 weeks, about 9 months knocked up.

Final countdown!

Current craving: Spicy hot cocoa. Thankfully, the generosity of a friend has come through once more.

Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. :)

    Spicy hot cocoa - SO YUMMY!!! XOX

  2. You look amazing! So glad everything is going so well for you! :)

  3. I can't believe it's only 1 month left! It's probably seeming like an eternity to you but it seems to have flown by. I can.not.wait to see pics of the cutie patooty.
    Found a pacifier I'd love to get for the little critter:

    You look fantastic, momma.

  4. You look fantastic - I love that baby shower picture and the exuberance you are showing for the Ramones onesie...who knew that even existed?!? LOL

    Can't wait to see pictures of Vincent - soon, soon!

  5. Damn, you look good! You're the like poster person for pregnancy! Can't waaaaaaaait for Vincent!

  6. You look amazing! So great to read that you're feeling good and everything has been on track. You are like the pregnancy poster-girl! Enjoy that spicy hot chocolate and the countdown of days til baby arrives!

  7. GABBAGABBA HEY! Starting the babe off right I see! look gorgeous---advanced maternal age my ass!!

  8. You look beautiful! And I'm so glad you're healthy and fit and feeling so great! I'd feel great too, if my baby had a Ramones onesie. :)

  9. Yay! It is like getting into a private club, it's bizarre. Can't wait til he gets here!

  10. You look so beautiful.. Congratulations!

  11. Happy New Year!
    I hope you are well and the baby is ok.
    I am waiting for the new posts.

  12. I didn't realize you had to workout at all while preggo. I guess I just assumed you could count carrying another person inside you as additional caloric burn. My bad. That is one fabulous workout pic though:)

  13. here yet? So curious! :)