Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, About My Resistance Bands....

It turns out that the near-fatal encounter with my resistance bands wasn't so unusual or a result of user error.

The brand of resistance bands that I used, Fitness Gear purchased from Dick's Sporting Goods, has been recalled due to reports of the bands breaking and causing lacerations, amongst other things.



  1. I still prefer to think of you breaking them due to your supah strong muscles!

  2. LOL at shelley.
    Totally funny ONLY since youre ok :)

  3. Now I'm scared to use mine! Honestly, it has always been a fear of mine.

  4. The good thing is you're okay, but ouch! And I don't think that is what anyone is talking about with "no pain, no gain." Glad you are fine.

    Let me know if you want to give Harbinger Fitness Resistance Cables a try.

  5. Scary stuff. Stay safe. (Note the unintentional alliteration.)

  6. I only have one and though I liked it from the start, it took a while to really grow on me. The thing that made me love it was when I decided to switch out the microfiber insert for a hemp insert.