Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ghost Boobs

I noticed tonight that my chest has shrunk down a cup size. The D-Cup cleavage passed away in its sleep sometime this past week. Peacefully.

I am sure that if I could talk to them now, my ghost boobs would tell me, "Don't be sad. It was for the best."

"It was time to let you go."

So rather than shed a tear over my lost (er, losing) cleavage, I am going to try to celebrate this loss. With song:


  1. I too miss my old boobs. I don't think I'm ready to move on yet either... In fact, what I really want are some new ones!

  2. Ha ha - I have some ghost boobs myself. I just can't decide whether I actually miss them or not. :)

  3. if i lost a cup size i'd have indents. but i dont have to wear a bra if i dont want to so i guess thats a good thing? ive come to grips with my non existant chest long ago. be thankful!

    Kelly Turner

  4. I have shrunk a lot in that dept too! I am not complaining because I used to be so top-heavy, my back would ache so bad :)