Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Ass Is On Fire

I have no ass. Never did. So, when I packed on the poundage, my ass looked like an uneven stack of two lumpy, flat pancakes. No butter or syrup to gloss things up. How's that for a visual?

As I'm dropping the weight, my ass isn't exactly improving. Sure, it's getting smaller. But it's still pretty droopy and, well, shapeless and sad. I can't even say there's a shelf there. *sigh* I need some lift, some shape, dammit!

But, I'm working on it with the help of these two !FREE! videos. Check it:

SparkPeople Butt Workout

OMG...I'm Resorting to Instruction from a Ford Model. Help.

Both vids have been kicking my booty, even if they are humiliating and, well, indiscreet. Screw it. I will swallow my pride and get on the floor to assume the position of a feral dog with a territorial urge if it means results.

And, no. There will be no before and after pictures.

Let's speak no more of this.


  1. Even at my smallest weight, I hated my butt. I currently have a little shelf of lower back fat and then a severe drop off with extreme horizontal expansion. I'll check the videos out.

    You've done so great! Your B&A pics are really dramatic.

  2. my butt is actually's my thighs and stomach.........ooooooooohhhhh! Your progress is amazing!

  3. Those are great workouts to isolate and tone the glutes. There is some more on my website w/ a stability ball! Good luck! My butt is where I carry my weight.