Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 2/18/09

167.4 lbs today. That's about a 1 lb gain from last week. But, I'm totally cool with it. What was supposed to be a Valentine's Day indulgence turned into a 4-day bender 'o sin.

Friday: Truffles, cheeses and cheesecake martinis and amaretto sours. It was mere practice for Valentine's Day

Saturday: More of the same, plus nachos and beer while bowling, crab legs 'n butter, twice baked gruyere cheese taters, and more fancy cocktails.

Sunday: What I thought was going to be a belly dancing class was actually just a show. Watching pretty much the same dance routine for 2+ hours can get boring. Bobzilla ordered "tavern fries" (you don't want to know what's in them) and things sorta went downhill from there.

Monday: Oh crap! I totally forgot that I had to attend my client's annual company dinner. It was held at the restaurant La Dolce Vita in Little Italy. I was ill-prepared for this food bomb. In addition to Bobzilla ordering a bottle of Italian ripasso wine *heart aflutter*, they served the food in the traditional "family style." In other words, about 8 courses (including 2 desserts). Even eating less than 1/2 of my plates was still too much food!

The following snippet from John Pinette best describes this Morte de Italia. It gets good about 1:20 into the video:

So that's that. I have no regrets and don't even feel bad about eating and drinking bad for a few days. Shoot, it could have been much worse. I'm not going to punish myself over my choices. There's going to be no downward spiral back into obesity-dom, no whining about hitting a wall when I didn't. I'm not going to resign myself to this weight and get off the weight-loss train.

I've already returned to normal eating and have been continuing my workouts (which never stopped anyway). Another week, another opportunity for improvement.

On the plus-plus side, my arms and shoulders are looking amazing. Those bat wings are definitely starting to diminish. And I am retiring a pair of size 14 khaki pants because they were too big on me today. Oh dear, I have to do more shopping. Oh the agony.


  1. That was brilliant! I hadn't seen that video before!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful V-day weekend. Sometimes it almost feels good to "let go" for a bit. Makes it feel even better to get back in gear.

  2. "4 day bender-0-sin" ME TOO honey!!! Boy what a weekend. I'd say you did good to only put on 1lb...I've avoided the scale since I got back. I'm going to be good for a couple of days and then see where I sit. I know, I'm a coward. :^/

  3. I've heard that John Pinette bit before. It's hilarious.

    Only 1 pound after all that? Hah! I'd consider that a loss. Must be all the working out. Good job.

    The constant shopping for new clothes was one of my very favorite things about losing weight. I love a good excuse to shop. Have fun.

  4. good- im glad you have the right attitude! life is made for indulgences, no?

    Kelly Turner

  5. great job, barely any gain adn had a great time. sounds ok to me? hope you have another great weekend.

  6. Im so glad you indulged enjoyed and are MOVING on.
    life is too short and, really, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.