Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 2/4/09

Today's weight = 169.0 lbs.

WTF?!? Yay! I'm down 1.6 el-bees from last week. I am in the 160's!

But, I ain't gonna lie. I've got mixed feelings about this.

On one hand I am happy. Oh sure. On the days I didn't trough feed, I was very good with my food intake and stuck to my daily 2 hour aerobics/weight-training.

On the other hand, I feel surprised and a little guilty. To say I fell off the wagon this weekend is a gross understatement. I should have gained a little. Or at least maintained. There should have been consequences!

Why is it that I only lose half a pound the week before while strictly adhering to my routine, but I actually lose over twice the amount of weight this week after indulging like a horny Roman? If my chain-smoking, wine-swilling, chocolate-fingered party girl who has been crashing in my subconscious ever catches wind of this free pass, I am screwed.


  1. Well they SAY (they, btw, being multiple smartypants in magazines) that an occasional boost to your calories can kick your metabolism in gear. I know I've lost weight on weeks I've cheated...not THIS week though. *haha* I think it's a shot in the dark, like playing the lottery.
    But if I were you I wouldn't be feeling guilty about it! Every pound down is a GIFT! Celebrate! (But probably not with food...*wink*)

  2. So you fell of the wagon and lost more then when you were got lucky lol. Kick up this week and go for even more weight loss next. If you have nay questions let me know. I would love to help!

  3. this happens to me too! Sometimes I wonder if I am eating enough calories and that is why when I eat more, I lose. It's a fine line in the weight loss game it seems!

    Either way, congrats!

  4. I have also noticed a drop when I cheated. It's just too bad that's not a reliable method (because I like it!). Just think of how much you might have lost if you hadn't cheated.

    But, hey - 1.6 lbs is awesome. Good job!

  5. why would you feel guilty about this? Its life- you cant always be perfect, and the fact you werent and still lost is just a testiment to that. Do well more often than not- thats all you gotta focus on.

    Kelly Turner

  6. Hey C,

    Hope your week is going better! I feel off the wagon myself with lots of birthday cake! Off to do spin and teach body sculpting. Do you take classes at your local gym? can't wait for another post!

  7. I hope that cake was yummy. I'm still being good, and just finished a dinner of baked perch, potato w/yogurt and some steamed broccoli. No cake. *sniff*

    I don't/won't/can't do gyms. I like to stay at home base so I can shower and go straight to the office afterward. There might be some self-esteem issues in there, too.

  8. My next post is going to be exactly about that exact issue, you don't need a gym to workout! Good for u great dinner!

  9. I'm sure the party girl inside doesn't need any excuses--mine sure doesn't-- so I wouldn't worry about what messages you're sending her. She's always going to want to indulge. Sounds like the conscious executive in charge decision-making understands consequences, and that's the important part!

    And sometimes you just have to let the party girl out to play!

  10. human hurricane, ha! that's funny! i'm certainly not as active as you though - working out 2-hours a day! wow, i'm really impressed and somewhat jealous... congrats on the loss though - i had a bad superbowl myself but am glad to have only gained .4 pounds this week... onward and upward! :)