Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 2/25/09

167.0 lbs even. OK! Down about 1/2 pound from last week. But still up 1/2 pound from pre-Valentine's day two weeks ago. Given the very bad behavior I've been engaged in over the last 2 weekends, that is a-ok with me.

This week forward will be much better as there are no 3-day weekend food orgy plans. My only potential bomb will be honoring a commitment I made with friends to go to a restaurant that serves nothing but midway foods. In other words, FOOD ON A STICK. As Bobzilla snarkily pointed out, "good luck finding salad on a stick." Well, my plan is to eat a small healthy meal at home (probably one of my kickass rice bowls) prior to going out. Then, I'll allow myself one thing if it's small or split one large item with Bobzilla.

Yeah, right.


  1. love your yeah right comment. I can so relate. I always have good intentions myself. lol. At least we try and kid ourselves.

  2. Keep it up.. No worries on being bad, you're human. Just don't be horrible which is quit!

  3. Food on a stick? Ha ha! Yeah, that doesn't sound too promising. Have fun!

  4. 3dayfood orgies :)

    fun? yes.
    foodplanderailing? for sure.

  5. 'because you stopped eating his food' comment on the previous post -
    I had a chinese restaurant that I loved (fat).

    I didn't go back there until I was well into maintenance - and I asked if they would feed me what the staff eats (rice, chicken, steamed veggies rolled in steamed cabbage leaves) and they would NOT.

    The staff does not eat what is on the menu.

    The staff is very slim.

    But they will not feed customers their food - only the menu food. I left that day and have not been back. . .

  6. Seriously, there is a restaraunt like that? My kids would love it!

    Congrats on your loss! Those temptation weekends are a killer!

  7. Congrats on losing half a pound!

    And your thorax comment made me laugh actual tears, thanks for joining in my shallowness :)