Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome 80's Workout!

I've been obsessed with creating new music playlists for my workouts. I can't listen to the same playlist for more than a few workouts before I quickly tire of it. And I was running out of ideas for some motivational tunage...until last night. While watching Meatballs with Bobzilla, I got to feeling nostalgic.

Remember all of those 80's action movies? The acting was pretty atrocious, to be sure. And the story & dialogue ridiculous, even laughable (every other line in Top Gun is dry-heave worthy). But the best part of those movies are the cheesy soundtracks. The Jan Hammer-esque drum machines, keyboards and male falsetto vocals seemed to appropriately undermine the testosterone-laden energy the songs tried so desperately to convey. Yet, common among all of the songs was the theme of staying strong in the face of adversity, of fighting through to the end. How perfect for a workout!

Here is my ultimate Cheesey 80's Soundtrack Workout playlist:

1. To warm up, let's start off with something a little less threatening for our stretches. Like, say, "You Got the Touch" from the animated Transformers movie. (Yes, that song was later covered in the movie Boogie Nights)

2. To start the heart pumping, "Never Say Die," by King Kobra from the awesome Iron Eagles is a great transition song.

3. Now, to reach maximum heart rate, nothing does the trick more effectively than "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, from Top Gun, which would be perfectly paired with the elliptical:

4. Getting tired from riding that bike? Here's some inspiration from Frank Stallone, who reminds you that you may be down, but you are "Far From Over," from the underrated Staying Alive:

5. Pat Benatar's "Invincible" from the movie The Legend of Billy Jean will help you finish that last set of tricep curls:

6. Channel Stallone in Over the Top as you work those pull-ups, courtesy of Sammy Hagar's "Winner Takes it All"

7. Would Rocky stop running simply because he was winded or had excruciating cramps? Would he stop going into the ring simply because it might kill him? Hell, no. Grit your teeth, suck it up and keep going. As Robert Tepper wisely observes, there's "No Easy Way Out."* And there's no shortcut home:

8. As we cool down and stretch, envision yourself as Ahnold's character Kaminski in Raw Deal after you just handed the asses of Patrovita and his henchmen back to them. Yeah, that's some hard work. Now breathe deeply and bring your hips back to your neutral spine....

*"Eye of the Tiger" is for pansies. Save it for pilates.


I'll be circulating some ideas for the Winter 2010 Flog 'O Rama shortly. So much fun!


  1. Nice how you threw in that Robert Tepper curveball. A lot of people forget that song. Other people just wish they could forget it.

  2. No Karate Kid?? You're the BEST...(unh)...AROOOUND!

  3. You should start making and selling mix tapes!

  4. Quite the testosterone fest - with apologies to Pat Benatar. You'll be popping muscles in no time.

  5. love the 80s and meatballs rudy the wabbit!

  6. Wow, I haven't heard any of these in a long time! Hey, the next one could be from eightie's musicals...Fame, Flashdance,...

  7. Awesome! First time here, I love your blog!

  8. I'm currently putting together an 80s rock workout playlist and you've provided a good few less well known suggestions.