Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 7/22/09 & Shtuff

It seems that these weekly weigh-ins have started to expand beyond simple scale readings and more like reports of everything I've been doing lately crammed into one weekly post. This has been one hella busy summer, and I underestimated my available free time. Every week I think things have wound down, but I ignore the calendar Bobzilla has hanging on the office wall behind me. That calendar is scrawled with notes, appointments and events for every weekend since May.

For instance, there's a party this Friday, the Yorktown Lanes Hot Rod Rock 'n Bowl this Saturday, bridal shower Sunday afternoon and Horror of '59's final show opening for Daikaiju at the Beachland Sunday night. Then there are weddings, concerts, travelling and more weddings coming up through September. Whoa.

So, I have no idea how often I'm going to be updating this blog beyond the weekly weigh-ins. I like being able to hop on the computer Tuesday or Friday night to just update random stuff or post new recipes, but I don't know if that's being realistic. I guess I'll follow Josh Homme's advice and just go with the flow.

The Health Front

I upped the weights for my tricep strength training to 15 pounds. Yeah, not exactly badass. But I can't handle anything heavier at the moment without breaking form. And my arms are sore. Guess that's a good sign.

Current workout playlist (mixed tempo songs to fit with interval training sandwiched by warm-up and cool-down tunes):

"This Tornado Loves You" Neko Case
"Flaming Telepaths" Blue Oyster Cult
"Barracuda" Heart
"Never Let Me Down Again" Depeche Mode
"Be Aggressive" Faith No More
"Consoler of the Lonely" The Raconteurs
"What Love Is" Rocket From the Tombs
"Spellbound" Siouxsie & the Banshees
"Die, Die My Darling" The Misfits
"Dead Moon Night" Dead Moon
"Burning Beard" Clutch
"What Love Is" Rocket From the Tombs
"Panic Switch" Silver Sun Pickups (the only good song they have. This band needs to get rid of that mouth breather of a lead singer)
"To Parter" Butthole Surfers
"Sensual World" Kate Bush (this would make a great yoga song...if I did yoga)

The Dog Front

Our first week with Goji turned out fairly well. She was a bit nervous and maladjusted the first few days--growling at the in-laws and neighbors, barking at other dogs and men in general, chasing the kittehs, etc. However, she's settled in nicely now and has gone on play dates with other dogs and behaves on her walks. Bobzilla takes her to a park almost everyday,and gets in his exercise on the fitness trail with her. His legs are throbbing from the runs. I usually walk her about a mile (before and after work) everyday, as well, which helps get my heartrate up before the workouts. Who knew Goji would be such a great fitness tool!

The Chuck Front

I got custody of Chuck the rubber cock this weekend and showed him all the redneck delights that Dragway 42's Rock 'n Race had to offer. It was magical.

On the Scale Front

152.4 this morning. A miniscule loss, more like a maintain. That's cool, though. I've been faithful with the workouts and eating per usual, so the pendulum will eventually swing my way once again.


  1. I suspect Neko Case's "Middle Cyclone" will be my favorite album of the year. That's a cute pic of you w/Chuck.

  2. Barracuda is a sexy song.

    Aw, you guys look so cute <3 I'm thinking about just posting a link to your that cool? Lemme know!

  3. Chuck looks like hes havin fun! Whoo hooo!

    Good job on the mini loss! :)

  4. Glad the dog is working out :).


  5. Chuck is looking pretty happy for a

    Pics of the pup coming soon?

  6. Just found your blog. Wow, you have come so far. And you have such a good attitude about it.

    I hope to follow in your footsteps. I am closer to the beginning...About 25% of may goal.

    I rant about the struggles of weight loss at

    If you get a chance to stop by and chat, I love feedback.