Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in: 7/8/2009 & Needing a Vacation from the Vacation

Well, Heavy Rebel was quite the experience. Four days of drunken debauchery with friends and strangers alike, set to some great music, was well worth the 1.4 pound gain on the scale this morning. Yup, I'm back up to 154.4, the same weight I've been since I started vacation season.

Oh sure, I ate my normal healthy way, and worked out at both hotel gyms. But, c'mon. Ain't no way a couple hours of exercise and healthy eating is going to negate the grapefruit juice & tequila. Or the Strongbow. Or wine. Or whiskey. Or many, many PBRs. Nope.

There's no way I can discuss everything that went on. Some PG-13 pics are uploaded here, for the curious:

Heavy Rebel Pictures

Before I lose my nerve, here's me in that bathing suit, in a most unflattering pose. Just keepin' it realz:

The water was ice cold. After this pic was taken, I squealed like a little girl and ran back to my hotel room for more libations and warm clothing.

And that's that. Things are now back to normal and I'm glad. These road trips and partying were reaching alarming levels.

After work, I gardened for 2 hours pulling weeds and hunting the bunny that destroyed almost all of my tomato plants and ate all of my thai basil. There will be blood. Blood meal, anyway, to repel the furry fiend.


  1. Looks like a hell of a good time, sis. Where are the Rated R pics?? NC-17s?

  2. PG-13 pictures are nice and everything, but I want to see the debauchery documentation. My kind of partying - the kind where you don't remember half of what happened, and the half you DO remember, you wish you could forget.

    And the minor weight gain? Anytime you can have that much fun and have a zero net gain, I think you're doing pretty well.

  3. You are so pretty, and you look wonderful in your bathing suit! Don't know why you would need nerve to post that picture.

    God, I would say it is just because I am getting old, but that just never was my thing...I don't like crowds.

    I love little rabbits but if they were eating my tomatoes and thai basil...

    Speaking of that, do squirrels drown? It rained really hard here last night and there is an uninjured dead squirrel in our yard.

  4. Heavy Rebel...still jealous.

    Bathing suit...looks rad.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I had a weekend where I had tequila slush for breakfast,lunch, dinner, dessert, etc every day. I think I had a good time. LOL

  6. Trish & Jelly Bean--so, you're saying the pics with the latex vag slinging weren't enough for you? Sick, people!

    Patty--I hear that chickens aren't supposed to look up when it's raining or they'll drown. So, it's possible. Unless that's an urban legend. While it's unfortunate about the squirrel, at least he'll make good fertilizer for the garden. Circle of life.

    Lacey--yeah, this was my first time at HRW. I'm still reeling.

    Kelly--it was mucho fun. Tequila slush? I'm intrigued....

  7. You look great in that bathing suit! And I love the "strong arm" pose in those other pictures!!!

  8. you look great. all that hard work has really paid off for you. did you like the hotel gyms any better?

  9. fuck pg where are the blackmail type pics???

  10. You look very pretty sweetie. You need to have a serious talk with the fat girl hiding in your head. Just tell her Dodge is no longer big enough for the both of you, she needs to hit the road.

  11. you look gorgeous. nice necklace, too! ;)