Monday, March 23, 2009

As you probably noticed from the sidebar...

...there are updates!

This weekend, I went shopping for new stuff as planned. And, yup, I'm definitely a size 12 now. I tried on a pair of Levi's, size 12, and they just slid right on with some room to spare. I have not worn Levi's since 1994. So, yeah, I got them. And this outfit, which was CHEAP because it was on sale. Ain't no way I'm spending a lot of cash when I'm still in transition:

If it sounds like I'm cocky and narcissistic, I am. This whole weight loss thing has made me more self-aware than at any other time I can remember. And for once, I'm not ashamed of what I see. I was so happy in the dressing rooms, I was taking cell phone pictures of myself. And to not have to shop Lane Bryant or the Women's section? To walk into The Limited or H & M and actually fit in that stuff? Surreal.

And Kristi? I got those running shoes. Check it!:

And they are about the ugliest things ever. Pink, white and silver. *gag* Really, has anyone seen the crazy color palettes for women's running shoes lately? It's insulting. They must think we all still have stuffed animals on our beds and Tiger Beat posters on the walls. There is a market for badass looking running shoes--the right designer just needs to tap into it.

But, looks aside, these are some comfy shoes. I never realized how much support a friggin' shoe can give you, after years of wearing sandals. They will be perfect for the asphalt trails around my home. With the new MP3 armband Bobzilla got me, I am set. Watch...I'll start posting my crazy workout playlists. It will be insane.

This is perfect timing. Our PS3 is about to take a dump because it needs a new graphics chip. We have to send it back to Sony for repairs and wait 3 to 4 weeks, which means I'll temporarily be without Little Big Planet or Ratchet and Clank to keep me going on the bike. Oh noes.


  1. So where do you keep your stuffed animals and posters then? Huh? Think you're better than me?


    I can't wait to see you're playlists. I'm nosy like that. And I will totally judge you (even though I listen to Neil Diamond and Shakira ON OCCASION!).

    Oh, and DUH, I meant to say you look really great! AWESOME AWESOME JOB!

  2. You look AWESOME! I am so proud of your achievement! And you absolutely should gloat for a bit. You've earned it. :)

  3. Oh I love ya. You got your sneakers. Who cares what they look like as long as they feel good, like you said. You look great. Keep up the great work. Before you know it size 8.

  4. btw, I see those tricep muscles. Wait till you start running while listening to your will love it.

  5. Whoa! Looking GOOD! (And I was wearing almost that exact same outfit yesterday. Minus the snazzy shoes.) You almost make me want to take up running. Almost.

  6. My gosh, you are tiny! Cute new outfit; I agree, it's hard to spend a lot on transition clothes, but you have to have stuff that fits!

    I'm glad that you updated your sidebar pic as well - shows a huge difference (and may I say that you look much younger?!).

  7. you look SO CUTE
    and so do the shoes.
    I have a nike'ddiction.
    it's ugly.
    (Im an Air Rift woman)