Monday, March 9, 2009

If You Talk Too Much My Head Will Explode

Maybe it's no accident that weight loss blogs are abuzz lately with techniques on how to motivate oneself to start an exercise routine at the same time we're going through the daylight savings time change. Even for me, trying to get going this morning was rough. It was dark and gloomy. Even the cats were too confused to get underfoot as they normally do.

So, about all this talk on motivation. There are a lot of bloggers out there with some great advice and insight on how to win that internal battle that often gets in the way of getting us off our collective ass: MizFit and her guest Kelly, Guest blogger Jill at Cranky Fitness, for example.

In the end, it seems the best way to start sweating is to just shut up. Meaning, shut up those voices in your head. They talk too much. Here is a shirt that carries my sister's favorite mantra, which I think is quite appropo:*

For me, I have to shut down my brain and thus those troublesome whining voices. I don’t waste time trying to channel my motivation. I don’t engage in conversations with myself. I just go into robot mode and do it. And when you do the routine long enough (preferably the same time every day), the habit eventually carves itself a niche that makes it easier to stick to.

Part of this mental lockdown includes a cessation of the self-babying and coddling. At the end of each workout, I don't congratulate myself. Riding my bike for an hour doesn't entitle me to a reward or license to slack the rest of the day. Of course, I feel great after working out and am usually bouncy for the rest of the morning. But I don't treat it as something special, like a major accomplishment. If I do that, then I am just setting myself up for failure later. If I take something that should be routine (albeit an enjoyable one) and put it on a pedestal, then it's just going to be harder for me to stick to it.

It's this mindset that helped me maintain the routine for three years now. Of course, some people might call it a form of mental illness.



As it turns out, I wasn't sick this weekend. There was some epic battle going on between the viral invaders and my immune system and my body won. Whew. In fact, I was feeling so *good* that I tried on a new lingerie outfit for Bobzilla...the first time I've done that in, oh, a Very Long Time. I'm not too proud to say that I looked good, especially coming from someone who has always carried a mild case of body dysmorphic disorder (on top of the workout disorder. Yeah, I'm a mess). So, I guess you might call that a non-scale victory. I would call it a vag victory.

And, speaking of sex, have any other ladies out there noticed an increase in sensitivity...a consistently more pleasurable experience..after losing weight? I'm convinced it's getting better with the fat loss. It can't all be psychological.

Pffft, knowing my luck, it's probably an early symptom of menopause.

* More awesome shirts such as that one can be found here.


  1. I totally agree about going into robot mode. It's the only way you can make it just part of your day instead of this insurmountable "thing" that must be accomplished.

    The shirt made me laugh. They must work for my cable company! Every time our modem fries out they just tell me to reboot 20 times first.

    Sex is way better when I'm not as self conscious about how big my gut is etc, ;)

  2. I totally agree with not treating things like getting your workout done as a major accomplishment. I don't treat mopping the floors that way - it's just something that has to be done and when it's done, I feel better. Great advice.

    PG-13 comment: I didn't notice any increased sensitivity, but I sure noticed an increased interest. For me? Totally psychological. When I was really overweight, I just didn't feel very attractive at all, even though it never seemed to bother my husband. But once the weight was gone and I was in decent shape, well, then whoooo boy! let the games begin. Of course the working out helped with the flexibility and that made things a bit more interesting, too. :)

  3. Love the shirt. You are right, riding the bike or me getting up to go to the gym this morning before work doesn't make us deserve a cookie...but I want one. haha. Love the shirt. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Pg-13 I must have totally missed that part. I think it is b/c your confidence has increased. Good for you, and good exercise as well. lol

  5. LOL I had one of those internal debates going on the way home and actually told myself, "You're going to walk and you know you'll enjoy it. So just shut up." (That's *my* mental illness, talking to myself.)

    As far as the sex thing...remind me what that is again? :)

  6. Great advice. I don't congratulate myself on other habits so why do it with excercise!?! Besides, I have fallen for the 'I can eat more because I rode to work' so many times before with obvious consequences.

  7. PG-13...definitely agree with the people who feel more "in the mood for love" after having lost some weight. I'm really happy for you and your sexy little outfit! I have to admit, the other night when my hubby reached for my butt and said in sincere shock, "WOW! Your butt has SHRUNK!!!" I rode that high for a few days. :)

  8. Oh and, post pics of the Gacy paintings! How long was she his penpal?

    You have some seriously awesome stuff to be able to blog about, meanwhile I'm trying to decide how I can work spilling syrup in my hair as an entry :)

  9. if it makes you feel any better, i dont push myself as hard as i should sometimes because i have this little voice in my head telling me i will hate it. but i dont even give myself the chance to hate it- i just assume i will so whats the point?

    you know what? im going to kill myself at the gym today- just to prove to myself that i can.

    thanks for this. im linking tomorrow with an update of me being dead.