Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, this cold just doesn't want to go away. I wake up everyday with a sore throat and the drips. But then I exercise and strength train for 2 hours, sweat it out of my system and feel fine. Super vixen, even. But then I feel like crap again 8 hours later. Bobzilla, who infected me with this disease, warns that this is only the beginning of a craptastic sickness that will peak in another day or two and won't go away for another 7 days. Great.

<shower me with pity here>

So, in the meantime, my life goes on...

Today, I left the office early to meet my client--run by a friend whom I shall call Vicky and who is probably the most stunning, beautiful, altruistic and self-actualized woman I know--at some commercial property located at the busiest intersection on Cleveland's East side. See, Vicky runs a non-profit housing and community redevelopment organization and is looking to purchase a large apartment building to rehab for the purpose of providing low-income housing for individuals and families who have fallen through the cracks of the traditional housing system. Vicky is no less than amazing. She left her cozy government job to volunteer full-time running a homeless shelter (she lives there with her clients!) as well as put together a program that helps people get back on their feet and reclaim their lives. Please don't take this as liberal hippie drivel. She's living it everyday. After over ten years, and hitting obstacles that would cause most people to give up and get a job at the post office, she's still going strong. Shit...she even had one of the men on her contracting team construct a shelter for the inner city's stray cats. Yeah. She's hardcore.

Anyway, we go through this building, which is huge. It's one of those old brick buildings with storefronts on the bottom and apartment units on the top 2 floors. There are over 25 units, basements, sub-basements, storefronts, etc. I'm going up and down these stairs. Some of the units have black mold. Others are dripping with strange substances from the ceiling. Stairs and ceilings are sagging. Shadows carrying scythes move out of the corner of your eye. Scary stuff. Yet, after all this exploring, I emerge feeling fine. I'm not tired. I'm not out of breath. I am alert, clear-headed and focused . I am able to identify various issues with the building and engage in meaningful conversations with my client and the building manager, contractor, etc. without pause.

Let me tell you. A year or two years ago, no way could I do this. I would have been wheezing, sweating and wanting to leave. And I certainly would not have been in a position to provide any on-site assistance to my client. The old unhealthy me would have told Vicky, "Well, let me put this down in a memo and email it to you Monday. K? K. "

Afterwards, Bobzilla (perhaps feeling guilty about infecting me) took me to Melt. Yeah, that opium-den of bad food that runs under the guise of a "restaurant." Did I mention that Bob was the "Great Underminer?" Anyway, we check out the March special and decide to go Irish. But, we are responsible. Well, as responsible as one can get under the circumstances. We decide to split the Reuben Melt sandwich. Bob takes the fries. I order a side dish of their daily vegetable special, Brussels Sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts. Oh Em Gee. These were the bomb.

Perfectly grilled, they arrived to my table on a plate glistening with balsamic glaze and chunks of carmelized garlic. Are you drooling/ovulating yet? They were so divinely good that I forgot about the carcass sandwich half that Bobzilla placed on the dish next to the plate of Goddess Bosoms. Yes, that's how much I have revered the sprouts. They were that good. And I got so many of them that I took half of them home for lunch tomorrow. *squeals*

See, this is why I love vegetables so much. Each type of vegetable is so colorful and has its own unique attitude, texture and taste. It is like an amusement park. Cooked horribly, and they're horrible. But presented right--raw, seared, steamed, etc.--they are like porn for the tongue. Man, I wish more restaurants took such care with the veggies as this place did.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do at least three full sets of Kristi's tricep pushups. I did them Thursday night and my arms are burning today. And that was just a practice run. I can't wait to add this to the tricep routine. Yeah, I should probably just set up a BDSM dungeon in my basement and get it over with.

Then, I'm off to Tar-Jay to 1) buy new dumbbells (the ones I have are relics from the 70's Gold's Gym era, too wide and interfere with my form) and 2) get an eye exam and new glasses. Assuming I'm not dead from this cold, of course.

Have a great weekend, ya'll. It's going to be in the 50's and spring-like all weekend. *sighs dreamily*


  1. I am so excited for your building-scaling victory! Those little revelations are awesome...when you realize just how far you've come and the difference you've made in your own health. Congrats on that!!!

    A character in a book series I read as a child used "Brussels Sprouts!" as an expletive for that reason I've never been able to bring myself to try them. But from this raving description, it looks like I might be missing out! Glad you enjoyed them so much. :)

  2. The brussel sprouts DO look amazing - roasted is the only way I eat them anymore. And the browner, the better. Wish I could find them like that in a restaurant.

    Good for you on the non-scale victory. That's awesome. Talk about motivation to keep going.

    I, too, have a crappy cold (and an eye appointment in the morning) - finally the weather gets better and we have to feel like shit? No fair.

  3. You had me from "shelter for stray cats" lol.

    I hope you start feeling better, I hate those lingering ones like that.

    I still need to fall in love with vegetables. I ate too much over boiled frozen broccoli growing up, and I'm still bitter.

    I love your ghost/cemetery site! I'm so into all that stuff. Fun!

  4. its snowing here. bleh.

    I love veggies too. I used to just think that you had to eat carrot sticks all day but once i started experiementing and not covering them in cheese, i fell in love. sometimes i have all veggie dinners, and love it

    Kelly Turner

  5. Hope the triceps are poppin and the target trip went well. have a great weekend!