Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Run, Fatgirl, Run!

Did my first run today, I did. This is gonna be short, b/c I'm out of breath:
  • Started with a 5 min. walk from home to the running trail.
  • Started hardcore running for, oh, 1 or maybe 2 min. (IRL, probably 30 seconds) and felt like a Greek goddess.
  • I peter out and walk for 3-4 minutes.
  • Run (really brisk jogging) for another min. Not feeling so badass anymore, but I don't want to go home.
  • Walk for another 3 mins.
  • Run again. Maybe 1 min., maybe 30 seconds. I feel like I'm gonna puke.
  • I walk the 5 minutes back home, cooling down. During this time, my accountant calls. Now I REALLY wanna puke.
My lungs feel like they're on fire. My feet are good to go, though--these are excellent shoes. My earbuds kept falling out, need to fix that.

C-cup + good sports bra = good thing. No way would I have come out of this unscathed if the girls were still their original size.

My endurance is caca. My lung capacity is commiserable. Riding the bike is nothing compared to running and carrying your own body weight. Lesson learned.

Here's my game plan:

I'm going to keep doing the 3-4 minute walk/1 minute run set (times 3) for the rest of the week. Then increase the run time another 1 minute per interval next week and so on.

In my Zen player: American Psycho

No, not that American Psycho (sorry guys):

Rather, this:


  1. American Psycho was so good, I don't think I could watch it again though. Did you see Christian Bale movie, The Machinist? Crazy!

    Great job on the running, walking thing!

  2. Haha. I've seen Christian Bale in everything except Newsies, which is perfectly justified IMHO.

  3. Great job on the running. Keep it up and move forward. Set a goal and try to reach it. Good luck.

  4. Great job on the running! I am always amazed at how DIFFICULT it is, even when like you cycling seems ok. The greek goddess feeling is pretty cool though isn't it!?!

  5. See it aint easy. awesome job. I am so proud of you. And love the intervals. That is the way to do it run/brisk walk. Keep it up. If we lived closer we could run together sad we don't. :(

  6. No, it sure ain't easy. But I like it. And I've already set goals. My OCD will take care of the rest.

    It is cool, SG.

    And Kristi...I know, right? I probably would hold you back a little, but that goes with the territory with running buddies. On the other hand, I'd forgive you if you left me behind when running from rage-infected zombies.

  7. I love doing intervals on the treadmill - mostly because it feels so good when I stop. I should work on a real plan - not my current one where I do it until I feel on the verge of a heart attack.

    I really admire your dedication - I imagine it won't be long before we see pics of you crossing the finish line of your first 5K...

  8. I admire anybody who can run - it's just something I've never been able to do, even as a kid (hated getting the stitch in my side). Great job setting your goals!

  9. running become a LOT more manageable (ie, possible) for me when someone told me that I could run as slow I wanted as long as I kept running. That meant that I did "intervals" like you are, only i ran really, really slow, almost walking speed, when i needed to rest. i recommend it.

  10. lolz, I just have to say, I put that picture of chris bale as inspiration for my training - not that I want to look like that, as im a girl, but there is something about knowing it's possible. If he can look that great, then d**** it! I can to!

    run on lady! a word of encouragement; in better shape you are, the more of a greek godess you feel all the time, not just when running. Now you've given me inpiration to go for a run befor eI end the day.