Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Experiment: Workout Music Playlist

I put together an hour's worth of workout music that I'm going to give a spin tomorrow. The playlist is bookended by slower tempo songs to coincide with warm-up and cool-down. I have more in my head...alt country, 7o's bubblegum, electro-soup, spunky punk. Music is the one exercise tool that can sometimes be overlooked.

Here's the playlist:

1. “Hold On” Neko Case (2:46)
2. “Lost Art of Keeping a Secret” Queens of the Stone Age (3:36)
3. “Violet Hill” Coldplay (3:49)
4. “Best of You” Foo Fighters (4:13)
5. “Sex on Fire” Kings of Leon (3:25)
6. “Mountain Song” Janes Addiction (4:03)
7. “Gates of Steel” Devo (3:28)
8. “New Rose” The Damned (2:42)
9. “Wolf Like Me” TV On The Radio (4:39)
10. “Re-Make, Re-Model” Roxy Music (5:14)
11. “Hung Up” Madonna (5.36)
12. “Tell the World” Vivian Girls (3:36)
13. “Angel” Massive Attack (6:19)
14. “Hold on To Yourself” Nick Cave (5:51)

And I added a music player on the side bar that's loaded up with this first workout playlist. However, I'm really using it as an excuse to avoid having to hear Pink's "Sober" for the gazillionth time on my secretary's radio station. Top Forty is the little-known Tenth Circle in Dante's Inferno.

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend and enjoy the Spring weather if you can. I'm taking one of my BFFs on the fitness trail this weekend for a little girlfriend therapy. Sure beats the bars for a change.


  1. great weekend back atcha, Oh Woman of the Fantastic and Appreciated comments.

    Enjoy the new tunes.

  2. New Tunes, how awesome!

    A good reminder I need to download some more; mine are getting stale. Gots to have music to work out to!

  3. Thanks for the list! Have fun with you bf. My bf and I decided to be healthy tonight too. Dinner at a vegetarian place and walk. Aren't we special. haha.Get running lol

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! With that music you would fit right in with all my hipster coworkers! Amazing! Sounds like a great list (even though I don't know some, but I'm not admitting that!)

  5. Kristi, got a run in this morning. FORTY minutes (not continuous, of course. I'm not that badass yet). I can actually do almost 2 minutes of runs/sprints each interval. And my legs are tore up. Gotta remember to do the stretching!

    Have a healthy Friday, but don't forget to sin a little bit, too. Hahahaha!

  6. Great Job. Yes, stretch, but I need to get better at that myself. Now take a day or two off from running. 3 days a week, in my opinion is sufficient. Have fun tonight. Don't worry I will sin a little.

  7. Three days a week. Check!

    I'm off to happy hour at Michael Symon's Lolita and will be thinking of you as I sip my wine and nibble little eats.

  8. I'm always on the lookout for recommended tunes. My new fave is "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback. The music sounds like every third Nickelback song, but the lyrics mean a lot to me. :)

    Enjoy your trail fun! Too wet here.

  9. Starting off with Neko is awesome!