Friday, August 21, 2009

Goji is A-OK!

She slept fine, didn't puke and didn't try to walk into walls. She even took Bob on a run at the park. Much better than forcing syrup of ipecac down her throat.

Thanks for indulging my attention whore moment from last night. You floggers are the best.


  1. I don't remember you being so concerned when I had those bad mushrooms that time, and I did puke and run into walls.

    Where's the love?

  2. Hey,

    I knowI sort of fell off the face off the earth. I have been teaching a lot, working, and training. Hope you are doing well! Miss ya

  3. It was funny watching Jack run into those walls that one time, remember?

    Glad Goji's okay!

  4. You're hardly an attention whore. Just plain old whore, well...

    I kid!

    My corgi has pica, I swear. His last feat was to eat an ant poison bait he got out from under the stove (how he accomplished this with two inch long legs I have no idea). I called the emergency vet and had to pour hydrogen peroxide down his throat. Good times!

  5. Happy to hear Goji just had a high off the shrooms and did not get sicko.

  6. glad she is ok... and umm next time can you play chocolate covered whore? my favorite!