Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Just Can't Catch an Eff'n Break

I should have known not to get all cocky with the before and after pics last night and shit.

While we were at a wedding tonight (of the particularly Greek festive type), I managed to get my other foot damaged under the crushing spike heel of an unsuspecting guest. Here's how the tootsie looks now, a few hours after the impact:

Yeah, that's gonna give me some problems tomorrow. What the pic doesn't show is a lumpy swelling about the size of a small egg. Biking just might not be in the immediate future. Crud.

And just when the other foot was healing from the toe damage. See...the little toe was just starting to return to normal:

But the injury was worth it to get this shot of the happy newlyweds, who were the sweet center of this dance circle. Opa!:

But, really, Bobzilla's hotness took all of the pain away. *le sigh*

Going to put on safety pads and head off to bed. Thanks, everyone for the supportive comments yesterday. I'll cling to them as I'm recovering from the amputation. *air kisses*


  1. OUCH! I love the batman style "kapow circle" around the booboo! :) Hope your back up and running in no time! :)

  2. OMG, that looks painful! Sorry your feet are taking such beatings...but dang, that wedding must have been a blast!

  3. "Ouch!!" is right. I guess this is the Universe saving you from a bad bike fall or something. It will get better soon...just don't cut your foot off.:-)

  4. Dang, I hope you at least choked her out for stepping on your foot!

    Foot injuries are the worst! Thanks for the gory pics, I loved them!

  5. OUCH! I hope it feels better today!

  6. That looks painful. Perhaps bubble wrap is the answer. But that photo is fabulous! Worth it, indeed.

  7. 1. Your before and after pics are amazing. You look so good! Va-VOOM!

    2. Bob cleans up NICE!

    3. Please don't amputate both of your feet. You need them. I swear.

  8. ouchie you guys play rough! like his chops!

  9. Oh yeah ... big ouch on the foot ... gees.

    That is THE BEST wedding picture I've ever seen.
    Truly captures the spirit of the night, eh?