Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Picked the Wrong Week to Stop Sniffing Glue

I won a major appeal for my client today.

But that doesn't matter.

'Cuz right now I'm googling "mushrooms" and "poisonous" and "dogs". Yup. I was out with Gogji earlier today, putting together a pepper pot bouquet from my garden for a friend in my building and didn't notice the large bunch of orange mushrooms that seemingly sprung up after the rain.earlier today. Orange chanterelle-like 'shrooms within Goji's parameter. I didn't notice the 'shrooms until I was coming back in the house with her. The fungi looked disturbed. Like a dog might've eaten them. That kind of disturbed.

Bobzilla thinks I'm paranoid and should go to bed. I'm watching that stupid dog like a hawk for any signs of illness. Female anxiety trumps male whatevs every time. Right? So, it's gonna be a long night as I sit watch over the fur baby.

In the meantime, I've been checking my site stats, inspired by some interesting stats on Trish's blog. Apparently, my blog comes up a lot on searches by people looking for workout playlists. If I can make one person from the Midwest run the treadmill or spin while listening to the Butthole Surfer's "To Parter," my good works obligation on this Earth is fulfilled.


  1. How the hell do you check what your blog comes up on for searches? I'm so techno-stupid.

    Hope the fur baby is ok!

  2. Maybe Gogji will just have some hallucinations and then sleep off her, seriously, I hope she's ok!

  3. Hey, that's my name!

    I sure hope that dog's okay. I would imagine getting sick from mushrooms would probably suck a lot because you get sick and also mushrooms taste like dirt sponges. Lose/lose.

    But you won your case, that's awesome! You're like a modern day Claire Huxtable.

  4. I hope that your dog is okay. Congratulations on your case! Wonderful.

  5. Butthole Surfers! I love it. I haven't heard that name since college. How about the Dead any of that?

  6. I understand the worrying...I probably would have induced vomitting, poisonous or not.

    I'm curious how the sweet puppy is doing this morning?!? Hope no tummy problems resulted!

  7. Hope the dog just got a good buzz ...
    your obligation is fulfilled.
    I'm a walking butthole surfer today :D

  8. Hope fur baby is ok. Scooby just recovering from kennel cough (even tho vaccinated) but can generally eat nails and be okay. Hope Gogji's the same way.

    Congrats on the appeal.