Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre-Memorial Weekend Update

Finally, finally...we are done shopping for furniture and household crap. Everything is set to be delivered by next Wednesday. One major task is crossed off the list and we can now focus on the last details--packing!

Left the office early, went home and changed into scrubs and set out onto the balcony to take down my container garden. I was dreading this, as I figured it would take all afternoon and would thus wipe me out. As it turned it, it took me less than an hour to dump the pots, move some surviving plants indoors and clean up the balcony. Voila!:

And I am not tired. Nope. I feel great, unlike what my old self would have been feeling a year or so ago. Another "NSV" or whatever the lingo is.

Bobzilla is making saag paneer tonight, which is an Indian dish made of spinach, cabbage, onions, paneer cubes and hot spices (it's also gluten-free and can easily be made vegan friendly by substituting hard cube tofu for the cheese). He made it last weekend for our friend, and it was a runaway hit:

This weekend is going to be busy. Bobzilla is working on a movie with a filmmaker-friend of his tomorrow, and I'm probably gonna tag along to gawk. Bill Hinzman (original zombie from Night of the Living Dead) is going to be in the shoot, so I can't wait to flirt with this frisky legend and let off some steam. Then, sadly, more packing.

Oh, and the scale this morning said 155.8. Okaaaaay then. No doubt I'll be doing some damage this weekend to negate the progress. I always do and then manage to rebound the following week. Yup, I'm definitely seeing a pattern here. At least the pattern is in my favor...for now.

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!


  1. Hey,

    Bob and a movie? That is pretty cool. So excited for you and the move. Hope you have a great weekend...Lord knows you need the rest. Good job on the weight too.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! So, how does 155 feel? You're cruisin' through the 50s...

    Love Indian food but have never made my own. That looks incrediable.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, calories be damned. (And I'm not just saying that because you're getting frightfully close to passing me on the scale. I don't play that way. Not with people I like.)

    You're coming to TN? East or West? I'm guessing East.

  4. Cam,

    Thankie, I'll take that! We're going to Nashville & Alcoa. Visiting friends, then off to Nashville and Dollywood (*snorts*)

    Tell me that's close to Memphis!

  5. Okay, seeing as I am uncultured, I should probably not comment on the food, (Except it looks like it's pronounced "peener" haha). Ahem. So I will talk about the plants? Okay then. Glad it only took you an hour. I like the little lone Target bag on the floor too.

  6. I think every department store should have an official "Household Crap" Department.

    And that saag paneer looks awesome! I love Indian food but always assumed that the spices etc would be too complicated to make at home. And it probably is too complicated for me... but hooray for Bobzilla.