Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 5/20/09 & Some Whining on the Side!

Belated report on yesterday's weigh-in: 157.8. So, I'm back almost a pound. That, or I've really just been maintaining the past 2 weeks. And I'm not surprised by that, since it follows 5 straight days of unabashed partying with friends. My eating has been good, as has been the workouts. It's my achilles heel...the vino...that is the pink elephant in the room. The cocktail with lunch. The round of drinks while playing euchre with friends. Four to five glasses of wine during late night chats with my BFF.

My absence in blogdom is due largely to:

1. Being out of town (in Maryland) for 3 days;
2. Moving bullshit: Shopping for furniture, dealing with movers, packing, switching utilities, blah blah blah.
3. WORK! Training the new secretary while staying on top of a busy pre-memorial day schedule is no easy thang.

I've been a blog bandit, lurking on everyone's blog but quickly leaving to attend to IRL issues. And it may be that way at least until we move and get settled in, say June 4 or 5. And THEN, Bobzilla and I are off to Tennessee for our annual anniversary vacation. And there are plenty of opportunities in between for things to go awry.

As I type this, I am sitting on a dismantled computer chair and surrounded by boxes. *twitches* I can't find half of my stuff and feel like I'm in a constant state of disorientation when I walk through the door each night. I guess I'm lucky to still have a little pocket of space in the living room where I can ride the bike and lift the weights.

On the plus side, the new home is bigger and I can finally transplant my plant babies that have been germinating and overrunning the kitchen for the last 3 months. And it couldn't happen sooner. It looks like some of them have grown teeth and they look hungry.

And that's that for now.


  1. It makes me happy to know you are at least lurking in the shadows...

  2. I hate moving. Simple. It's no wonder the vino has had its allure. Good job maintaining during this busy transition.

  3. I was starting to worry!! But secretly pretty sure it had to do with the new home and other IRL stuff. Just take care of you and of course those poor root-bound plants. And I hope Bobzilla is doing OK after the let-down with the drummer. And maintaining is absolutely acceptable during all of this (esp. since it involves friends and wine).

  4. The dining out lately probably hasn't helped, either. I think tomorrow we'll have a nice plate of bean sprouts for dinner.