Friday, May 1, 2009

R'uh R'oh!

Apparently, "overexercising" causes weight gain. Oh noes!

Now, I heard that working out too hard might be counter-productive, but this is the first that I've read that explains in semi-detail (c'mon, my source is a grocery checkout magazine, so cut me some slack) how this is so.

To break this article down:

1. Working out too hard will cause you to retain water. Check.
2. It will also cause you to be constipated. Definitely check.
3. The scale will thus be mean to you. Yup.

O. M. G.

Is that what's been happening to me? Is that what's been happening to you? I know some of ya'll have been doing the daily weigh-ins like me (naughty, naughty, but I do it, too) and are frustrated by the needle's stubborn refusal to budge. The scale even taunts you, doesn't it? It tells you that you might have even gained some weight, huh? Even after you worked your ass off, right?

Yeah, I'm with you.

So what to do? Frankly, I don't know what exactly constitutes "excessive exercising" or overtraining. But word on the street is that it comes down to listening to your body and doing what is right for you.

I currently workout 2 hours a morning, 6 days a week. Yeah, sounds crazy, but hear me out. One hour of my time is spent doing cardio. Then I spend a half hour putzing around doing squats or abs on alternate days (subtract about 10 minutes chasing cats out of the room or answering calls from clients). Then a half hour strength training different muscles on alternate days. The rest of the day, I do absolutely nothing because I'm at a desk, with the exception of having to walk another block to go to court. The workouts are the only physical activity I get for the whole day, save for some weekend excursions.

Now, some experts recommend 60-90 minutes of physical activity a day to lose weight. So, am I that far off, really?

Thankfully, garage sale season is about to start in my 'hood. If I'm lucky, I'll score a Vita Master massager and be done with it, especially since Hydroxycut is getting yanked from the market.


  1. Well, I don't know if I'd take my fitness advice from Marie Claire (although those are always the types of articles I seem to be drawn to), but I do know that weight training can cause you to hold water, but I thought that was only temporary and works itself out, eventually?

    I admire your dedication to exercise (can you come over here and give me a boot in the ass?) and it doesn't sound like too much to me at all.

    One final word: Fiber. :)

  2. Two hours? I all thought I was a stud for doing 90 min!

    Do you have a Thigh Master to go with the massager? And some leg warmers!

  3. I know that over doing it can be counter-productive for reasons I explained in my post earlier this week, but I never heard it will make you gain weight. The only explanation is you are eating more than you are burning. If it is true that is makes you retain water, then like Jelly Bean said that is temporary, and probably why you should not weigh yourself daily wink. I have never found over-exercising to cause constipation. In fact, the opposite. But again temporary. Go to the bathroom and the pound or two is off. While your workouts are long, it really is depends more on the intensity rather then the quantity. They do sounds pretty intense though to me. Bottom line: I think Marie Clare is full of shit. lol. Keep on keeping on. Watch your sodium intake and like Jelly said fiber.

  4. lol I called her Jelly Bean..I am only on her site daily. Sorry Jelly Belly:)

  5. Damn you, Marie Clare! *shakes fist*

    And I think the name Jelly Bean is boss.

  6. You are not over exercising at all. I would stop weighing yourself everyday can only drive you crazy and sounds a bit compulsive and obsessive, no? Working out too hard will not cause you to retain water. You will sweat out salts, minerals and water which if you are not replacing your body may start retaining them out of desperation. But if you are staying hydrated, avoiding caffeine overload and staying away from questionable supplements you should be ok. Constipation is a sign of dehydration. Drink water baby!!