Friday, May 8, 2009

Update From Dante's Little-Known Tenth Circle of Hell

I'm still alive, even if it looks like I'm dead. That's how some zombies roll.

Over the past 5 days, I have covered over 885 miles of commuting for unexpected court dates (read: chinese fire drills), client meetings and house showings. It's probably more than that, but I didn't calculate the mileage yet for the tax man. It seems like much longer. Ugh.

Plus, poor Bobzilla, the drummer for his band of 5+ years had to suddenly bow out due to police academy training priorities for the next six months (understandable). This has the emotional impact equivalent to finding his best dog splayed on the pavement ...with two sets of skid marks on the carcass. Big emotional downer.

*of course I had to insert another absurd analogy*

On the plus side, we found a new love nest and we're signing papers tomorrow. Hells yeah.

In between all of the real life stresses that I'm sure everyone here has gone through and can thus relate to, I've kept things together on the health and fitness front. Sure, I've had to get up earlier for workouts (5 a.m. people!). But we didn't fall into the fast food trap. Bob did get a donut and egg mcmuffin (his gluten-intolerant bowels are punishing him in their own way) this morning, but we managed to swing by Mustard Seed Market and stocked up on healthy, ethical, and organic fruits, veggies and dead animals. Once I finish this blog post, I'm making baked Yukon Gold potatoes with Greek yogurt, grilled bison and a spinach salad. Bob normally cooks, but he's still in grieving mode over the band. It's the best I can do. I'm also having a glass of Riesling as I write this. Like I said, it's the best I can do.

There are so many fabulous blog posts I need to catch up on, hopefully, thru tonight and this weekend. I miss Jelly Bean/evil twin (holla!), my butt-kicking virtual personal trainer/evil triplet Kristi (*clinks wine glasses*), Patty and her garden of Eden, my snarky grrls (Dina, Crabby, Tricia *smooch*), Cammy (!), hot-to-trot Shelley, Allison, Julie & Sassle, my Clevo gang (you know who you is), Nurse Lisa-Lisa (*heart palpitations*), MzFit and her awesome Dr. Seuss tattoo (have you been following her on twitter?), Leeeeee and everyone in between. *gasps for air* I managed to read some blogs, but then had to break away or whatever. Who knew that blogging was so involving? But I love every minute of it.

'Course, all this gushing could be the wine talking, but I'm feeling the love, so I'm just going with it....

Anyway, gotta go to make our late dinner, engage in some overdue wifely nurturing and then up early tomorrow to deal with mundane real estate paper shuffling.

Blog atcha soon!


  1. Wow, just reading this made me tired. The life of a lawyer, gotta love it. Sorry to hear Bob is down in the dumps over giving up drumming for now, but hey it is for a good reason. Congrats on the new home. Your dinner sounds delicious and healthy. Hope you have a great weekend with some relaxation. One more final and Kevin, my hubby, is done his first year of law school. 2L here we come Yay!

  2. Second year of law school was a big blur. But it wasn't as bad as the first year, because you are indoctrinated into the "paper chase" lifestyle by that point. 3L was hellish--clerking AND law studies AND bar/bri = instant 30 lb weight gain and a mad binge drinking/caffeine habit. Wish I could tell you it was a walk in the park, but it ain't. It's worth it, tho. I think.

    But, the summer break is finally coming. Yay for you guys!

  3. Oooh to the new love nest! May you and Bobzilla be very happy there! (after Bobzilla's mourning period, of course.)

    I got tired reading the book "One L" by Scott Turow, so hats off to ANYONE who survives it.

  4. Damn, woman! You have been BEYOND busy!!! Congrats on the new house - pics? Poor Bobzilla. Too bad about his drummer - what a bummer (oh god I can't believe I actually typed that).

    You are too kind! Hope you get some down time soon!

  5. Yay, for the love shack!! Room for a garden, I hope! I was feeling bad for Bobzilla but Shelley ruined it. :-)

  6. Everyone sing along...

    "Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
    Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no
    I got to keep on moving"

    This could be your anthem. Good job holding it together through the stress maze.

    BTW - wrote about you on my blog.

  7. Sounds like you need another vacation!

  8. New apartment or new house??? How exciting! Make sure I get a change of address notice in case you guys move before the weddin'!

    And poor Bob! Will Horror of 59 still be playing the Motor Mayhem show? I was looking forward to that!

  9. Congrats on the new love nest.

    Who is this "Crabby" that was awesome enough to get inserted into a holy trinity with me and Tricia?

  10. Great way to keep it together and healthy in the midst of great stress. And wonderful sounding meal by the way--I love bison.