Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post-Easter This 'n That

Saturday, I did even better with the running: 1.5 miles nonstop, 1/4 mile walk and then another mile run nonstop. Warm up and cool down walks added up to about 1/2 mile. At the end, my face was so red I looked like a tomato. But I had my first runner's high. It was all kinds of awesome.

Easter Sunday was hit and miss. We don't celebrate Easter and instead hit the fitness trail again. Yay! Bobzilla even ran with me between exercise stations several times. I did a *little* better on the pull-ups (in my mind). Still didn't do the vault jumps. Of course. This time, I blew my left knee doing jumping jacks of all things. But I felt better later.

Part of the bargain I made with Bobzilla in exchange for doing the fitness trail (yes, I had to negotiate with him) is that we would eat lunch at the place of his choice. The problem, though, was that most places were closed on Easter. So we ended up at a local pizza joint. He got a small pepperoni pizza (without taking his enzyme pill for his gluten allergy. tsk tsk). I ordered what I thought was the safest choice: a Tuscan grilled chicken salad with non-fat ranch on the side. What I didn't know was that the salad was more or less a delivery device for about a pound of candied pecans and oily artichokes and roasted red peppers. I couldn't finish it. As soon as we walked out of the place, I could tell that salad was not sitting well.

Then the abdominal cramps started Sunday night and lasted through all of yesterday and even a little bit this morning. It was like wild ferrets were trying to burrow their way out of my guts.

This morning I felt a little better. I ran, but didn't do as good as Saturday. Still had some cramping, which went away about 2-3 minutes into the run. Started off a little over 1 mile nonstop. Then had to walk/rest for 1/4 mile. Ran again for 3/4 mile.

As I type this, I'm eating a salad I picked up from the salad bar at the Justice Center cafeteria , listening to my stomach engage in diplomatic talks with the veggie invaders. I think things will turn out o.k. this time. The salad ain't half bad considering the waistlines of a lot of the detectives and bailiffs hanging out over there. It even has cauliflower, broccoli and chick peas!

Oh, wait. These beets aren't tasting so hot....


  1. oh no! Stomach situations are the worst, but you are a trooper and ran despite the cramps. You go girl. Hope the veggies don't win the war. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend on the fitness trail with Bobzilla.

  2. Great job on the running. Love the wild ferrets imagery! That would kill!

    Probably whoever made your salad, didn't wash their hands after pooping, just saying.

    That probably didn't help with the cramping did it?

  3. Yikes, I can't believe you can run with stomach cramps! I like the "delivery device" imagery - or "when is a salad not really a salad?"

  4. ok I almost spit out my coffee at DINA'S comment.

    cant believe you ran despite the cramps and then introduced BEETS to the situation.

    you are a warrior :)

  5. Good job on running...anyway.

    Funny thing, I ran into Bobzilla on another forum, and I immediately thought, Oh, I know him!
    Until I realized I didn't. :) But it was a nice coincidence on the great big internet.

    Hope the tummy settled down.

  6. Kristi, Shelley & Mz. F.--Thanks! I'm a trooper/warrior or just have a high tolerance for pain. I once went to one of my smoking cessation support group sessions with a bulging, throbbing post-root canal abscess.


    Cammy--there's more than one Bobzilla?!