Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In: 4/15/09

Given the state of my guts lately, I was going to wait until later this week to weigh in, but screw it. This morning, the scale said 162.00, which is exactly where I was last Wednesday. So, no loss. Bleh.

I woke up this morning bloated, gassy and a little crampy with sluggish digestion and a tummy distended like a third-world famine baby. Well, maybe not that bad, but that's how it felt. I've been known to exaggerate a little.

I narrowed down the causes to these things:

1. A tumor
2. An alien baby
3. Gall bladder tantrum
4. Leftover "issues" from the faux-salad fallout
5. Another plateau rearing its ugly head

I'll see how next week plays out to get a better idea. At least I have been getting better each day and my guts are returning to normal.

With this weigh-in, it's been one DOOM & GLOOM week. For example:
  • My plant babies are dying due to my own bad mothering skills. Shouldn't have left them out on the balcony all weekend. Too much sun + cold nights = instant seedling death
  • My secretary gets a major "FAIL" for screwing up all of my client bills. We still don't have even half of them out, and we're now half-way through the month. So,clients haven't been paying on time. Yet she insists on getting her paycheck early. It's no fun being self-employed. Nope.
  • Marilyn Chambers died.
  • Both knees were killing me today going up the stairs. The right knee was always good to me in the past. I don't know what I did to deserve this.
  • Bobzilla hasn't worked out since Sunday, eats pizza and grilled cheese & bacon sandwich lunches...and lost another pound.
Ok, enough self-pity. I'm off to make up a new music playlist for my run tomorrow.


  1. Omg love your description of your bloated belly. My belly was so bloated yesterday b/c I consumed way too much sodium. I always say my husband looks like those starving kids b/c he is so thin with a little bloated belly, not from hunger but beer. lol. Sorry you are having a bad week. I hear ya with the knee pain my back bulging disc has been acting up for about a week now. Doesn't help I have to teach 8 fitness classes this week. Hope things turn around. Have a great run tomorrow to clear your head and release some of that gas lol

  2. 8 Fitness classes? And here I am complaining.

    Glad we can freely talk about our gas. I'm more comfortable talking about digestion after spending time in Texas with a nurse who engages in fascinating conversation about poop over breakfast.

  3. What a crappy week. Mine was similar - gave in to a piece of birthday cake (delicious, by the way) and suffered extreme bloating and gas for two days. It was kind of worth it, though.

    Hope you feel better. And why have I not seen any follow-up info on Marilyn Chambers' death? I read the original report, but haven't seen anything since. Very sad.

  4. I vote for alien baby!

    Hopefully its a very short gestational period. Oh, and I also hope it isn't evil and doesn't end up taking over the earth. But if it does, perhaps as it's mother you could suggest Cupcakes for All?

    Very funny post!

  5. I had a tumor last week!! I mean I posted about the possibility of one. Our tomato seedlings look really sad this year too...not sure what kind of seedlings you are growing, but just wanted to offer sympathies. Marilyn Chambers was too young...very sad. If I am not mistaken, some one showed me something involving her when I was a teenager in the seventies (is that possible?) and it still haunts me...that's all I am sayin' about that!!

  6. Damn you Bobzilla! My hubby is a complete bastard like that too. Shoves crap in his big maw all day and goes "oh hey look it, I weigh less than I did in high school." Prick.

    I'm still going with you got some kick ass poo poo food poisoning. Hang in there!

    Your secretary sounds sucky.

    I read about Marilyn Chambers dying on some S&M blog I frequent (shut up, you're the one that mentioned her first!)

  7. Ooh, I never knew anyone who had an alien baby! Are we voting?

    Feel better soon (and punch Bobzilla in the arm for me, will ya? It's just not fair.)