Monday, April 27, 2009

Post-Zombie Apocalypse Report

For someone who:

a) has been house-hunting all weekend,
b) turned into a zombie, walked all over the city in near 90 degree heat, danced & whooped it up to slack masters The Amino Acids and transformed back into a mortal pinkie later that evening,
c) went on a late-Sunday road trip with Bobzilla, and
d) did more house-hunting today after a long and uncomfortable day at work, ...

...I'm feeling pretty good.

Zombie Walk was uber fun. There must have been around 250 people at this event. You couldn't meet a nicer mob of ghouls.

Bob and I opted to have one of the on-site makeup artists pretty us up. The results were quite acceptable:

Once we took it to the streets, the fun really began. Here's the first wave of zombies approaching the main street. The single cyclist's attempts to shoot us in the head were, ultimately, hilariously ineffective.

And here I am confronting a carload of fresh meat. They were laughing because it was their only defense:

Oh, I did end up going with the zombie jogger theme. One of those obnoxious street joggers who gets her just desserts:

The highlight of the walk was definitely hanging out with Bill Hinzman, the actor who played the cemetery zombie in the original Night of the Living Dead. Bill, or "OZ" (Original Zombie), was a good sport and held his own. Of course, he liked the ladies, which might've had something to do with it:

About the only downside was all that fake blood. My arms are still stained a light pink from where the sun baked that shit into my skin. And there is dried blood all over my cell phone and camera, like hard candy (it was made of corn syrup and chocolate). I also got blood on my shoes. But I'm leaving it on there, as it improves the look.

More pics of the walk can be found here.

Bob made an excellent vegetarian dinner tonight: potato tacos made with yukon gold potatoes, spinach, tomatillo sauce and soft corn tortillas, spicy tomato rice and refried black beans. All organic and all delicious. Well, accept for the black beans. It's very hard to get refried beans without added seasonings and spices, which taste ick and ruin the natural flavor.

I turned 38 yesterday. I might've had a brownie sundae and bottle of Riesling to commemorate the occasion.


  1. Happy birthday!!! What a great weekend--that looks like fun. I mean, I would be the fresh meat in the car laughing and taking in the craziness! For the record, you look 28-not 38. And that dinner sounds sooo delicious. I finally decided to cook beans from scratch several years ago. It is really worth it!
    Hope you find the house of your dreams!! Don't forget, it needs a spot for a veggie garden. :-)

  2. Happy birthday, zombie girl!

    BTW - those tacos sound too good.

  3. Happy Birthday! If you DID have a brownie sundae and a bottle of wine, I hope it was delicious!

    The zombie walk looks like fun. As it turns out, we had one here, which I found about the day AFTER.

  4. That looks like it was so much looked great (well, you know what I mean)!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope 38 is your best year yet!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, The Zombie walk looks like such fun. You guys look great.


    It's early, and I'm too tired to come up with anything besides "LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD A GOOD TIME OMG LIKE YOUR MAKEUP LOL"

    So is that good?

    It does though, I love the pics!

  7. Happy belated birthday!!!!

    It looks so much fun! I love Halloween and this is a great extension of getting dressed up and freaking people out. I love it!!

  8. Oh Camevil Happy B-day! You look awesome and love the makeup. Those pics and weekend/walk sound like so much fun. Again, hope you had an awesome b-day. Sounds like you did with that sundae and wine lol

  9. So jealous!

    Happiest of birthdays, friend!

  10. You guys look fantastic! What a fun weekend. And happy, happy birthday - 38? You're a mere child. Hope you have the best year EVER.

  11. Love the zombie photos! And how cool is it that there are zombie celebrities?

    Sounds like an awesome zombie birthday week extravaganza.

  12. How do I get so sidetracked while reading blogs? THIS is how.
    I came over from Jelly Belly, because she's got great wit and if she recommends...

    Plus I flippin' LOVE zombies.
    This looks like the Most Fun Ever.